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Oh Hey There!

I’m Tawni, a wellness advocate and Independent Distributor for Young Living. I have a growing global team of members and customers that stretches from Seattle to Vienna to Waterloo. I'm also the wife of a math teacher, and the mom to two crazy young boys.

TawniMarie is a creative lifestyle & wellness blog and design shop, here to provide authentic encouragement, an engaging community, and valuable resources to the creative minds and chaotically organized lives of real women everywhere.


Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils have made my work-at-home-mom life – and my whole family's life – so much easier, cleaner, and healthier, and I have become incredibly passionate about essential oils and the amazing things they can do.

I use oils all day everyday, and have been able to effectively and easily integrate essential oils into my family's daily life to promote natural wellness in our home.

It is my hope that every single person I know will jump into the "oily lifestyle" with both feet because I am confident about how much these oils can do to enhance and maintain a healthier lifestyle for us all!