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Tawni Sattler | Branding and Digital Marketing Strategies | Content Creation | Copywriting and Copy editing | tawnimarie.com

I have a passion for helping small businesses and startups come up with thoughtful branding and marketing strategies that express their message and vision to the world. I create honest and engaging content, and have a knack for sharing messages and ideas in a way that sparks emotion in readers. (All while listening to my ‘90s playlist with a cat in my lap and a hazelnut macchiato in my hand.)

My adaptability, time management, and organizational skills are highly evolved as a result of my expat lifestyle. I’m a natural self-starter and productivity maestro, so working remotely comes naturally to me, and my critical observation and unique perspective and voice provide refreshing, creative solutions that bring results.

My Skills

No matter the role or project, I’m confident in the skill set I bring to the table.
Take a look below to learn more about some of my specific abilities, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.


Communication and Writing

Writing Samples

Since 2012 I have been creating original, valuable content using my unique voice, and have been sharing my content with approximately 1,000 email subscribers. Since 2015, I have written and published sponsored content and campaigns in cooperation with approximately ten companies and organizations, and have been featured as a guest contributor on two websites, one of which I contributed original content each month over the course of one year.

In 2017 I began creating and presenting monthly educational materials on the topic of wellness, including a 10-page eBook, to approximately 500 additional subscribers. I added a Wellness category to my website, and began writing blog posts and articles to convey original ideas and tips on wellness, and to provide support to readers and subscribers.

When I worked as an Administrative Assistant, I wrote and prepared company reports, memos, and agendas to be distributed amongst approximately 500 employees of a large corporation, and created and edited training modules for employees.


Critical Observation and Creativity

Design & Branding Samples
Social Media Management

My keen eye, critical observational skills, and attention to detail enable me to present my writing in a way that is understandable and easy to read. I am able to format each article or web page in a way that catches the eye of my readers. I take pride in my editing skills, and am always eager to learn new methods of writing and editing to keep up with reader and subscriber patterns.

I have self-designed websites on Wordpress and Squarespace, always observing cohesiveness and uniformity in design, to ensure the greatest ease-of-use for readers. I have designed and edited series of graphics on ProCreate, WordSwag, and Canva for use on websites, and I re-format the designs for individual social media platforms. I use the UNUM app to plan social media posts for multiple accounts, including accounts for non-profits, to ensure feeds are visually appealing and make sense to viewers. I have also written and designed a 10-page eBook; and I used to create and sell hand-lettered art and commissioned design pieces.

As a stickler for cohesiveness, accuracy, and readability, I was one of the last to view an ad before it went to publishing for a large corporation, as it related to one particular department. I was trusted to write and edit new and existing training modules for employees, and my critical eye was used to read accounts and reports, searching for anomalies and specific names or numbers for company records.


Leadership and Management

I am passionate about bringing people together and cultivating community centered around a shared message and vision. I currently lead a team of 30+ local and 50+ international members of a well-known Network Marketing company. In former positions I led a team of five in the Accounts Receivable department for a large corporation; was Assistant Manager for a large retail company, leading a team of 10+ employees "on the floor;" and was the Assistant Property Manager for an apartment complex, managing a team of 10+ and over 300 homes.


Content Creator, Writer, Designer
Digital and Social Media Management

2012 – Present

Certified Health Consultant
Creator, Writer, Content Manager
Relatively Oily

2017 – Present


Network Marketing Team Leader
Independent Distributor
Young Living Essential Oils

2017 – Present

Administrative Assistant
Accounts Receivable Lead
Freight Department Customer Service
Grizzly Industrial, Inc.

2005 – 2012

Continuing Professional Development

Diplomas, Certifications, and Endorsements


VLC Program

Vitality Lifestyle Coaching Course
Currently Enrolled


Marketing Program
Currently Enrolled


Codestars & Udemy, Inc.



Smartly Institute; Pedago, LLC

Business Foundations Concentration, MBA Curriculum

Fabacademe & Udemy, Inc.

CPD Diploma in Health and Wellness


I am currently enrolled in additional courses to continue my professional development and education. Not all courses and programs are listed here.
Contact me for more information on my areas of study.


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