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Tawni Sattler | Branding and Digital Marketing Strategies | Content Creation | Copywriting and Copy editing | tawnimarie.com

In 2012 I officially said goodbye to the 9-to-5 life โœŒ๐Ÿปwhen my little family of three packed up our things and moved from Small Town, USA to Vienna, Austria. Since then weโ€™ve become a family of four, and have added two cats to the mix. (Sometimes I think our story would make a great sitcom in the style of Modern Family.)

After dabbling in this and that, trying to find my way in a new post-cubicle world, it occurred to me that I was still not โ€œliving my best life.โ€ To chase after the life Iโ€™ve always wanted, I took it upon myself to join a Remote Job Bootcamp and completed the Freedom Finders Program. I earned certificates in marketing and copywriting and began freelance work as a Content Creator and Copywriter.

I now have the opportunity work closely with clients to deliver SEO-optimized web content and copy. Iโ€™m freelancing as an Expert Marketing Writer and Developmental Editor with Express Writers while I continue to take on additional projects in the areas of content creation and copywriting.


My highly evolved adaptability, time management, and organizational skills are essential to my remote-work lifestyle. Iโ€™m passionate about creating thoughtful and engaging content that drives growth and builds authority to small businessesโ€™ and startupsโ€™ websites. I have a knack for sharing messages and ideas in a way that sparks emotion in readers, and Iโ€™m great at drinking coffee and petting cats.

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What People Are Saying

Simply Wow!

We loved working with Tawni, who helped us write various articles for FDN Life Magazine. Tawni is a talented writer who impressed us with her creative and innovative writing style and positive attitude. What impressed us the most is that she went above and beyond when writing an article about Millennials for our Jul-Aug 2019 issue. Tawni firstly set up a research study before writing the article. Few writers show such passion for their work. We were very impressed.

Thank you, Tawni for helping us with FDN Life Magazine! We are looking forward to continuing working with you for many years to come.
— FDN Life Magazine
Outstanding level of communication, initiative, enthusiasm and professionalism. Extremely high skill levels. It is wonderful to be able to discuss a direction and see [Tawni] take off and run with it.
— Euro Travel Coach
Inspired by our initial consultation, I felt confident handing over the management of my Pinterest account to Tawni. Iโ€™ve been very impressed by the fast results I saw both visually and through the stats. Pinterest is now a great tool for my business, that I had never considered utilising before. Likewise, Tawniโ€™s ideas for SEO on my website were eye-opening, and her execution of them flawless. Her content creation is superb. Photography and copy are perfectly in tune with the brand, full of great SEO and product hooks.
— Grace & Salt ink
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Clients and Collaborators

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