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About Tawni

You can usually find Tawni with a book in her face and a cup of coffee in her hand, pretending not to hear her boys playing LEGO-dinosaur-superheroes as loud as humanly possible on the floor in front of her.

As a lifelong learner, Tawni and her brand are always growing and evolving. She’s earned certificates in Marketing and Copywriting, and does freelance work as a Content Creator and Marketer, and as a Copywriter and Copy Editor. She’s currently enrolled in classes to further develop her Marketing, Copywriting, and Project Management skills.

Tawni is passionate about books, plants, cats, alone time, and educating and supporting others who have an interest in what it means (and what it looks like) to live cleaner, more natural, “relatively oily lifestyles. She’s a certified Health Consultant, and is on her way to becoming a certified Vitality Lifestyle Coach and Aromatherapist. Tawni is also an Independent Distributor and Executive Leader with Young Living.

In her spare time, Tawni takes too many photos of her kids and hosts a nerdy podcast about books and the Enneagram.