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Words to Live By in the New Year

Words to Live By in the New Year

The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.
— GK Chesterton

As for me, I'm more into setting short-term goals than making yearly resolutions, because goals seem more attainable to me. (Not that I don't like to shoot for the stars, my friends, I just like to be able to actually cross things off my list.) I do, however, choose a new motto or word to live by each year. I recommend choosing a motto or word for yourself in the new year, too! It doesn't have to be existential or very deep, but words carry so much weight, so applying a word or motto to your year could make such a great difference on your outlook.

Words to Live by in 2017 – Mottos and Words of the Year from THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

To give you some insight into the direction my head and heart are going, here are the mottos and words I've chosen for 2017:

Blog Motto

Creative Mind, Organized Life
This is the motto I chose for my blog in November of 2016 and I definitely mean to stick to it. I wholeheartedly believe that each of us is creative on some level, but too often we suppress our creativity for the sake of Order. Who told us that we can’t be creative and organized (or "put together") at the same time, though? It’s possible to have the best of both worlds, and I've decided to dedicate my blog to finding and encouraging that balance.

Blog Word

I want to make 2017 a big year for THE LIFE IN BETWEEN, both for the blog and for the shop, and in order to make that happen I need to set my fears aside and really actively pursue the goals I've set. This will require loads of courage, heart, and hustle, but I believe I can make it happen.

Words to Live by in 2017 – Mottos and Words of the Year from THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Personal Motto

Make It Last
2017 will be all about savoring each moment, and about making the most of the season I'm in. I have found myself in a sort of waiting season in my personal life, but instead of trying to rush through it, I want to appreciate this season for what it is, by making each sweet moment last.

Personal Word

Uh, yeah, I realize this is actually the opposite of my personal motto, but let me explain. There are some things that I need to hold onto for sure (hence the motto), but there are many things I need to let go of, too (hence the word, release). I need to let go of old ideas, fears, failures, expectations, mistakes, etc. The list goes on. I have changed since I was 5, 15, 25... and I have even changed since yesterday. I know that and God knows that. There are some who are unwilling to let me "grow up" or "grow out of my past;" some people only know the girl they once knew, and they know me based on memories they have. It's sad, because I made some really poor choices in my past, and now those choices are what are holding me captive in some people's minds. But the choices I made will not hold me captive in my own mind or heart. Not anymore. I am releasing the burdens I've been carrying. 2017 will be the year of forgiving myself and embracing the truth of who I am now, whether people "buy it" or not.

Words to Live by in 2017 – Mottos and Words of the Year from THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

More Inspiration

If the concept of choosing a motto or word to apply to the year is new to you, or if you just haven't found the right words yet, I've compiled a list of ideas for you, and I've put them on a free printable just in case you want to apply ALLOFTHEWORDS to 2017. (You never know...)


I'd love to know what your motto or word is for 2017! Drop a note in the comments and let's inspire each other. ⤵︎

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