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Doodling Through Luke 24 // Why Are You Troubled

He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?”
— Luke 24:38 NIV

Would you call yourself a "worrier?" I wouldn't label myself a worrier at all, which may be surprising to you who have read about my anxiety. Anxiety is a different breed than worry and stress, though, in my opinion. Anxiety comes out of nowhere, for no reason. Stress and worry are brought on by a particular situation or the possibility/fear of a particular situation or circumstance. So no, I'm not a worrier, and I don't stress out easily, but every once in a while, anxiety attacks my heart (physically and metaphorically) out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason at all, even sometimes when I'm in my most relaxed state.

But why do we as humans worry so much? We could say to ourselves, "I never doubt God, really, but sometimes I can be a worrier," or, "I've never doubted God's faithfulness, but I do occasionally battle anxiety." I was telling myself these things as I read through chapter 24, but after some reflection, I realized that worry, anxiety, and doubt do go hand-in-hand; at the bottom of your worry - the core of my anxiety too, maybe - is doubt in God's faithfulness, whether you or I recognize it or not. 

In the end though, no matter what the similarities or differences are, and no matter what the core cause of our worry/stress/anxiety is, we are troubled.

But why? Why, even when I feel like my faith is unshakable, am I still so troubled? What can I do to fix this, and to prevent it?

My study Bible went into detail about verse 38, and I'll summarize here for you, because I found it pretty helpful and reassuring:

... The first step to turning away from doubt and discouragement is to proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ. When trouble strikes, He is your omniscient help....
Second, set a goal to read God’s Word each day. This is the best way to combat fear and doubt. The Lord uses a daily reading program to train your mind and to teach you how to handle doubt....
Third, prayer is essential in fighting fear and doubt. In essence, prayer is faith in action. When we pray, regardless of whether or not we feel like it, we make a statement of faith....

In addition to these suggestions, I have a pretty brilliant friend who keeps a list of truths and suggestions on hand to help whenever she is overcome by anxiety. This is something I plan to start doing as well. Here are some example lists if you'd like to try this, too!

You Are Not:
in danger
a bad wife
a bad mom

You Are:
loved by God

Right Now, You Can:
get outside
drink tea
sing a song
take a nap

HOW ABOUT YOU? Besides the above, what are some truths you need to remind yourself of occasionally, to keep your "troubledness" in check? And do you have any other tips for the troubled? Please share! ⤵︎

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