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'Tis the Season // Devotional Kit Review

'Tis the Season // Devotional Kit Review

Oh my gosh, you guys!

You may recall my mention of the 'Tis The Season devotional kit in the Gift Guide I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, which was written before the kit arrived at my doorstep. Now that I have the devotional kit in my hands though, I need to share with you just how great it really is!



devotional booklet // stamp set // ink pad // 1 sticker // washi tape // 3 scripture cards //
1 thank you card // cut-out sheet // paperclip


This kit is so beautiful. I think we can all agree on that much. But as I've been working through it I've also been really enjoying how simple and straight-to-the-heart the daily prompts are!

There are 25 prompts, which makes this the perfect advent devotional, in my opinion, but what's great too is that so far none of the prompts have been too Christmas-specific. I mean, the spirit of Christmas is something that we should carry with us throughout the year anyway, so truly, this devotional could be done at any time too. If you'd rather use it as an advent devotional though, it is NOT too late to snatch one of these kits up for yourself! (And for a friend! There's an awesome deal going on over at DaySpring right now that lets you get two of these kits for only $40!)

I used the 25 numbered cut-outs to mark each prompt in the devotional booklet. This makes it easy for me to find each day's prompt, of course, but I also really like the way the tabs stick out of the booklet all cute-like! I know too now that since I've placed the tabs already, each prompt has already got a bit of color added, so if I'm not feeling particularly drawn to any form of journaling outside of jotting some notes down on some day, I'll be happy enough with the colorful tab that's already there. I typically do most art journaling in my journaling bible, and use the devotional booklets for notes anyway, so this works really, really well.


The scripture cards that come with the kit are almost too pretty to use! I can imagine placing the cards down on an art page in my journaling bible, or even clipping them into my study bible or planner. They'd also make fabulous decorations on a wrapped gift! Just carefully punch a hole in one end of a card, and string it up to be used as a gift tag of sorts. I myself wouldn't write on the card – I would use a separate tag to address the gift, and use the scripture card just to pretty things up a bit. 


Finally, the stamps and washi tape. The stamps are so, so, so cute, and the washi tape included in the 'Tis The Season devotional kit is to die for. Of course I'm a sucker for washi tape – in fact I think most of the time I'd be happy journaling with only washi and a good pen! – and this washi tape does not disappoint, my friends. The tape is designed with the words "hope, love, joy, peace," and the color is so much fun!

After all I've said here, though, you really have to see the kit in person – as much as i try, these pictures never do the kits any justice.

So friends, put away your heart-eyes for just a minute long enough to leave me a note in the comments. What's your favorite part of this devotional kit, and how would you use it?


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