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Through Christ // Devotional Kit Review

Through Christ // Devotional Kit Review

Let's take a look at this for a second, shall we?

Without even reading my words, you could probably guess what my favorite part of this kit is by looking at the pictures in this post. In fact, let's play that game. I'm going to tell you what's in the kit and will share some great things about it, but will save my favorite part for last, and you tell me in the comments if you guessed correctly!


Let's just take a look at the contents, first...

COLORS, COLORS EVERYWHERE! As soon as you pop the kit open it's like a rainbow blows up in your face (in the best of ways). The kit is so explosively happy and joyful, it kind of makes it hard to resist digging into it straight away!

Included in the Kit:

devotional booklet // stamp set // ink pad // 1 sticker // washi tape // 3 devotional cards //
1 thank you card // cut-out sheet // paperclip 


There are a few things I just can't get past:

  • The paint-palette-esque devotional cards
  • The emoji flags and stamps
  • The color blocked washi tape
  • The use of hashtags


And can I just say, for the record, that I usually have a moderately hard time with cut-outs, but since all of the cut-outs in this kit are basically squared or straight-edged, I breezed right through the cutting-of-the-things and promptly ogled at the beautiful results. I wanted to pull a Scrooge McDuck, to be honest, and dive into a pool of color-paletted-hashtagged-emoji-rainbowed-cut-outs. It's such a shame there weren't enough pieces to fill a vault the size of Scrooge's. 


Once my dreams of a devotional kit cut-out vault were shattered, I decided to flip through the devotional booklet to see what it was all about. 

You guessed it: IT WAS ABOUT CHRIST!

More than that, actually... the booklet talks about those amazing feelings, revelations, promises, and hugs God offers us through The Word. Topics like Confidence, Protection, Delight, and Peace are among them, and let me tell you... I cannot wait to read up on Grace, quite possibly, to me, the most astonishing gift of all. 


Alright you guys! Here we are at the bottom of the post. If you read through you may have picked up on a mention here or there of my absolute favorite part of this kit

It's the [drum roll, please] #HEARTEYES EMOJI! 😍😍😍😍😍 It's always my most-used emoji, and I type out #hearteyes whenever the situation calls for it. In fact, often when the situation doesn't call for it I type out #hearteyes anyway, just for fun. So I guess you could say that the actual #hearteyes emoji is favorite thing #1 and the use of the #hearteyes hashtag is favorite thing #2.

So, did you guess right? And I want to know this too: what is your favorite part of the kit


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