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I'm so glad to be back! It's been over a month since I finally bit the bullet and put the blog on hold so I could focus -- really focus -- on improving content for you and FINALLY LAUNCHING THE SHOP I'VE BEEN PROMISING FOR AGES! 

The TLIB Digital Shop is HERE! Printable wall art, journals, AND MORE are waiting for you HERE!

If you're already a loyal reader, WELCOME BACK. Take a look around! You'll notice that some things have changed quite drastically, but you'll also be able to expect the same great stuff that kept you coming back in the past.

If you're a new reader, WELCOME HOME. I am super excited to have you here, and can't wait to learn more about WHO YOU ARE. Don't be shy – comments and emails are always welcome around these parts!

And by the way, YES. THE SHOP IS LIVE. Please, please pay a visit, and if you have any questions, I AM AT YOUR SERVICE. 

So let's celebrate together! THIS PRINT IS FREE with your first purchase when you use the code FIRSTTIME. (Just make sure you have this print in your shopping cart when you check out.) ⤵︎


Of course I will always be working on more fun things for you too, so visit often! Here's a quick peek at some current shop favorites:

Besides all of the fun new goodies in the shop though, you're also going to see some exciting new posts and content. There are three main categories for you to explore: ORGANIZATION, BIBLE JOURNALING, and LIFESTYLE. And yes, I'll still offer fun freebies! 

Of course, the best way to stay informed about it all is to become a TLIBInsider, so click here to sign up! (There may or may not be a special shop discount in it for you, too!)


Now like I said, please take a look around, browse the digital shop, leave some comments, send me an email, and remember too – sharing is caring! ⤵︎

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Inserting Journals into Your Traveler's Notebook // YouTube Tutorial

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