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The heART Series // Jordan Gage

The heART Series // Jordan Gage

Hey, friends!

It's running a little behind this month, but The heART Series is back this week with another writer (one of my favorite types of artists!), and not just any writer, but one whom I HAVE ACTUALLY MET IN REAL LIFE!

Yes, that's right, I got to meet Jordan in Nashville while I was in the States last month! It was surreal, but somehow felt so natural and comfortable at the same time. Jordan is an amazing woman, you guys, and I am so glad to have her here today!

So... let's get on with it!


The heART Series // Jordan Gage, writer // THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Hi Lovely, I’m Jordan. I am originally from the teensy tiny town of Janesville, Iowa, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, and am in the process of moving to New York City. While my paycheck comes from caring for kids and adults with special needs as a nanny, I am a writer down to my very core. I dream of living a life that shouts “me too” from the rooftops and that makes people feel truly loved to the depths of who they are. I would be the happiest girl in the world if eventually my life consisted of traveling the globe writing and speaking real, loving truths to women and girls all over the world in a way that shuts out loneliness and makes them cry with laughter. I have what many close friends call “an out of control obsession” with Harry Potter and comedic sitcoms but I choose to call it a dedicated lifestyle. Come be my friend in real life and decide for yourself.

the life in between: When did you first learn to (or realize that you could!) dance, paint, sew, write, style, photograph, etc. What is your heART story?

Jordan: What a question to start out with. I’m still not super convinced that my writing is all that great, but it’s really been the only thing I’ve ever been able to see myself doing for my whole life. When I think of writing now, and then writing when I’m 90, both feel perfect.

tlib: While you're immersed in a project or a piece, what are some things going through your mind? Do you pray? Do you praise?

Jordan: When I’m immersed in a blog post or anything I’m writing, I’m in a total state of Flow. (It’s my favorite theory I learned in college. Flow is when you’re so fully immersed with something time seems to stand still). A lot of times it’s not until I’m fully finished pouring words out that I stop and read them, and then it feels like I’m encountering the words for the very first time. 

tlib: Tell us about your creative process. What inspires you to get started? Can you turn your creativity on and off? 

Jordan: The biggest creativity boost for me is reading. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve put down a book, completely unable to even, because I’m in total awe of the way another writer used their words. It’s in moments like this when I open my laptop and free write. Usually after about a day or two of sitting in the words I wrote, mixed with inspiration from the author’s words, I’m able to unlock the vault and pour out something I’m happy with.   

tlib: Do you prefer to share your work or do you like to keep it just between yourself and God? Why?

Jordan: I prefer to share my work, I’ve never been a private journaler ("journaler" is totally a word, guys). I’ve tried, but I end up staring at the blank page, pen in hand and wishing I was doing literally anything else. I started my blog in a Holy Spirit filled moment where my dreams to write swelled bigger than my fear and I heard the Lord say, “This is where you’ll write the things I’ve told you.” So really, God made it pretty clear that His words through me were made to be shared. 

tlib: If you share your work, how do you promote your art in a way that glorifies God? 

Jordan: As far as promoting my work, I usually just share it on my social media pages. But I’ve designed my blog so it is (hopefully viewed as) a kitchen table where Jesus sits among us with a cup of cocoa and his favorite sweatpants. 

tlib: How do you take compliments? How do you stay humble without denying your unique skill?

Jordan: How about instead of answering this, people post comments with their recommendations. Because looking down at my shoes and awkwardly saying, “uummm...you too,” isn’t necessarily the best response for ”I loved your last blog post!”

tlib: Do you believe that God can be glorified through secular art? How can secular work still point to Jesus?

Jordan: I think Jesus can be glorified in a mud puddle. So much of art is interpretation, so on some level I think everyone sees each piece of artwork a little differently depending on their heart and their mind. I don’t necessarily think the artwork itself can bring glory to God in every situation, but I think God can use the artwork to bring glory to his name.

tlib: What is a dream or vision you have in regards to how your work may impact hearts and souls for Christ?

Jordan: Ah, the dreeaammm. My dream is to be the heart child of Jen Hatmaker, Brene Brown, Amy Poehler, Liz Gilbert, Carol Burnette, and every other hilarious woman who worked at SNL, and write and speak to women and girls every day for the rest of my life. I want to tell truths in ways that hit you hard but leave you laughing. I want you to have to bring a second suitcase with you to events so you can fit all the love Jesus and I have for you to take home with you. I want my life to be a giant “me too” so you never have to feel alone for even a second. 

tlib: Lastly, for fun, who (living or dead, and besides God) are you most inspired by when it comes to your art?

Jordan: I’m inspired by people in general. Hearts get me, you guys. When someone lets me see theirs, dang. I get so inspired to let mine out too. People who create (like all of you) give me the chills. The fact that you guys can sit down and create something, like a brand new thing that LITERALLY DID NOT EXIST before you started blows the lid off of my mind. I cannot. 

The heART Series // Jordan Gage, writer // interviewed on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

Find Jordan:
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Thank you SO MUCH for participating, Jordan, and let's meet up again soon (NY 2017?)! 

So friends, leave some love for Jordan in the comments, and don't forget to give her some tips on how to respond to compliments! (I could use some help in that area too, in fact.)

Oh and if you're needing to catch up on any past interviews or are an artist interested in participating in the series, CLICK HERE to make all of your heART Series dreams come true. 


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