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Sean Speaks // January

I'm so happy to have my husband back again to take over this space for the day!

This month's Guys Behind the Blog questions were a lot of fun! If you're familiar with blogging at all, you've probably seen one or two (or two hundred) "Currently" posts. Basically, in a Currently post, you fill in the blanks with what you're currently up to. It's fun, it keep your readers up to speed, gives a little more insight into what's going on behind-the-scenes, and helps to feel more connected in the blogging community. 

A Currently post is exciting for Sean because... well, it's not exciting for him, but it's nice for him because it's quick and easy, and the topic is so simple: Life Right Now

So, tell us, Sean: What are you currently...

Watching: Homeland, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family

Reading: Nothing

Listening to: Coldplay, Bethel Music

Dreaming of: Seeing what my children will turn out to be like

Eating: Baked pasta, pizza, semmels with salami and cheese, candy, ginger ale

Learning: Calculus, parenting, husbanding

Wishing: To have another guitar, a house where we have no neighbors so the boys (and me) can be as loud as they (we) want. I also wish the Seahawks would have made it back to the Super Bowl this year.

Obsessed with: Picking songs for church, preparing lessons for my students, Coldplay, watching football

Loving: My family, my church, my students, teaching, leading worship, candy

Planning: Songs for church, lessons for my students

Alright. That was a little too painless! It was fun, though. Thanks for playing, Sean!

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