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Promise Keeper // Doodling Through John 3

Promise Keeper // Doodling Through John 3

Maybe John 3:16 is the most-memorized verse in the Bible. Maybe. I don't know anything about that, really. What I do know though, is that as I started reading John chapter 3, I was expecting to be taking notes and highlighting verses and quotes most relatable to verse 16, since it's such a "popular" verse among verses. Rightly so, too.

But God had other plans for my heart that day.

The theme God wanted me to catch on to in chapter 3 is that He is true (which, in my head, translates to "He is loyal," "He is faithful," "He is steadfast") and He keeps His promises

My study bible says, "While Jesus says that all judgment has been committed to Him, He assures us that He did not come to earth to judge us but to save us. What that means is that we are already forgiven. When we place our faith in Jesus, we are accepting that He has already fully and successfully taken our punishment upon Himself...."

Did you catch that? We are already forgiven.

This is great news! Do you know why? Because it means that by accepting Christ as our savior, we've already been made worthy and righteous, and we've already been redeemed. What a relief, right? It sort of takes the pressure off, doesn't it? And since God -- the ultimate promise keeper -- is True, we can trust that what He says is true.

There's a whole discussion waiting to be had here about faith vs. works. And since sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll just insert this little doodle I made, which should make it clear to you what my stance is on the subject:

So that's that.

Now let's check back on Noah for a second.

Noah and his crew are floating around, sort of wondering when they'll see dry land again. And then in Genesis 8, we read that God remembered Noah, the flood subsided, and the earth was clean and given to man once again. 

Here, my study bible says, "God always remembers His people, not merely to recall their existence or names, but to act in grace toward them... even if they must wait for Him to act."

That's pretty cool too, because it means that not only does God know the number of hairs on each of our heads, He also cares about what happens to each strand. Sorry if you're bald and this metaphor doesn't apply to you (I'm thinking of my husband, in particular). Just know that He cares very, very deeply for who you are -- for every part of you, inside and out.

And then we reach chapter 9. The Covenant of the Rainbow.

When God makes a promise, He does not want us to forget it. Therefore, He often gives us some tangible sign or pledge to memorialize His promise.

Growing up, a rainbow meant to me that God wouldn't flood the earth again. It's so much more than that to me now: it's a sign of His promises. Each of His promises. It's a sign that He hasn't forgotten me.

God hasn't forgotten you; He knows and loves every bit of you, and He is true. He is loyal, faithful, and steadfast, and what He promises -- what He says -- will come to pass. 

Since God - the ultimate promise keeper - is True, we can trust that what He says is true.


WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? Besides things you can do for yourself, such as memorizing scripture, writing/carrying/displaying scripture cards, journaling, note-taking, etc., what sign in nature reminds you of God's promises to you? Is it when you see the sun rise or set? When you look at the stars? When flowers bloom? When it rains? When you see a rainbow? If you and God haven't worked out a "signal" yet, I suggest you get on that, because it's such a fun, real way to hear from Him! Drop a note and tell me your sign! ⤵︎

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