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A Mother's Day Gift Guide

Well, here I am again with another wish list I'm calling a "gift guide" just to be more inclusive. Call it what you want, though. If you're a mom reading this, you'll probably call it a wish list, too!!

Besides flowers to kill and handmade cards from my kids, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for Mother's Day!


Gifts for Mom (for me)

And just to keep things really real:

Gold Bar Mama Necklace - Oh my gracious. You guys. Look at how beautiful! Do I even need to explain myself?
Good Things Cosmetic Pouch - I have a thing for new bags and pouches. I have about ten thousand pencil/cosmetic pouches, because I love to rotate between them every once in a while! This one would receive such a warm welcome into my current pouch family. 
Kindle Oasis - Okay. So I already have a well-functioning Kindle Paperwhite, and it's even only about a year or so old. But the features and set-up on this new Kindle (a leather charging cover!?) have got me wanting an upgrade. Plus, I'm just a sucker for the new stuff. Which brings us to our next feature...
Apple Watch - It's a good thing that I do have some sort of willpower when it comes to finances. (It helps that we're missionaries living on financial support!) I mean, yeah I probably have a few more art supplies than I need, but at least we know they'll be put to good use. This watch, however... No, I don't need it, but this is my *wish list*, not my shopping list. So, yes please. It's gorgeous and it's functional, so put me down for one.
Go Ask Your Father Mug - Alright, a more reasonable request, I guess. This is the perfect mug for teaching your kids how to read!
Blessed Letterpress Block Set - Just too beautiful. I know exactly where I'd put this set in our home!
#momlife Adult Coloring Book - You have got to read the description on Amazon for this coloring book. And you guys, I'm not even really into the whole adult coloring book movement, but this one I could totally see myself wasting a few precious hours on.

So friends, Mother's Day is May 8th -- what's on your wish list?

Perfect Peace in a Busy Season // John 14

Perfect Peace in a Busy Season // John 14

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Live By His Example // John 13