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Moodboard // Blog-tember Challenge

Moodboard // Blog-tember Challenge

Today's Prompt: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life.

Okay, fun! The thing is, I didn't want to spend time making a digital mood board, for a few different reasons, and I already have a real mood board set up, so, let me show you!



The Big Picture:

The purple breathe, red/pink set free, and black/white pray before you start pieces are mine, and the rest are from various other sources: magazine clippings, greeting cards, prints, mirror cards, etc. 


Upper Left: 

My favorite part of this corner is the KUNST IST... magazine clipping, which translates to art is... I added the pretty pleaseall you need, and meine favoriten (my favorites) magazine clippings underneath it to complete the sentence. Even if it's not grammatically correct, it's all true.


Upper Right:

My favorite part of this corner is the pray before you start bookmark. I made that for myself awhile ago, and it serves as a reminder to me to pray before I start anything and everything


Bottom Right:

I love the colors in this corner! My set free card, the piece of floral greeting card peeking out from the back, and the magazine clipping of the girl on her bed make this corner so cheerful! Contrasted by the black and white art girl and the black and white follow your wishing heart card, this corner may be my favorite.  


Bottom Left:

My favorite part about this corner is the map of Vienna that peeks out from the back. I really love the reading girl magazine clipping, too. The subdued business of this corner is really appealing to me.


HOW ABOUT YOU? Which corner or piece of my moodboard is your favorite part? Do you have a moodboard at home? Add a link so I can see yours! ↴

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