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Little Love Notes // Paper Craft

Hi Friends! I am so excited -- and honored! -- to be co-hosting this month's The Circle linkup with Kiki from In Its Time. This month's #thecirclelinkup theme is Blogger Valentines! 💕

To prepare for this post I did some research on Pinterest (my go-to for all things "research"-related), and was inspired by this cute tutorial on how to make some quick, easy paper envelopes.

For my version of the envelopes, I used mini origami squares, adjusted some Washi here and there, and added little love notes inside. I'll do a photo tutorial for you, because I'm not about that Video Tutorial Life (which roughly translates to "I don't have the equipment, knowledge, or patience to make a video for you," although there is a bonus video at the end of the post!). 

What I Used:
Folia origami papers - there are designs on both sides, and the thickness of the paper is perfect for this project
Staedtler fineliners - the ink doesn't bleed through the paper, and there are so many colors to choose from
Washi tape - you can use transparent tape too, but adding another pop of color or a contrasting pattern gives the envelope a little more flair and character


1) Fold from corner to corner.

2) Open, and fold from the other corner to the opposite corner. Open again. You should have two folds criss-crossing the paper.

3) Fold the bottom corner up to the center point.

4) Fold up the bottom half so your center fold becomes the bottom of the envelope.

5) Fold the right corner over towards the left of the envelope. The point should go approximately 1.5 to 2 cm past the center line.

6) Fold the left corner over towards the right of the envelope. The point should go approximately 1.5 to 2 cm past the center line. 

You can play with how far you need to fold by comparing and aligning the upper corners.

7) Fold the bottom point (of the corner you just folded) back to the left so the fold aligns with the center.

8) Open the small, center fold and flatten it to create a pocket.

9) Use Washi tape to secure the flaps. Don't tape over the pocket!

10) Any excess Washi can be clipped along the edge of the top corners, and then folded under, into the envelope.

11) Apply tape to the bottom of the envelope, even taping over approximately .5 cm of the pocket. Fold the tape over to the back of the envelope, and cut off any excess from the sides. 

12) Fold the top corner down, and tuck it into the pocket! All done!


Let's Make Love (Notes): 
On a separate piece of paper (I like to use a contrasting piece of origami paper), write some little love notes or words of encouragement. Cut out the notes, fold them up, and stick them into your envelope!
I made one envelope for my 7 year-old son, one for my husband, and one for a friend. You can make these for anyone -- it doesn't have to be romantic -- so get creative with your notes!

And as promised, here's the short and sweet (and super high-speed) video I made, because watching these envelopes being made is just as much fun as making them! I think. 


WHO DO YOU LOVE? Who will you make an envelope for? And remember, you can do this at any time, for anyone -- it doesn't have to be romantic, and it especially doesn't have to be for Valentine's Day (we're a few days late and dollars short for that, anyway.) Now, since this month's theme for The Circle linkup is Blogger Valentines, leave a happy note below, and don't forget to ⟶link up⟵ so we can leave you a little love note, too! ⤵︎

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