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Lay It Down // John 10

Lay It Down // John 10

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I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
— John 10:11 NASB

I think I've mentioned before that songs are constantly getting stuck in my head as I read the bible. Well, here we go again...

Are you familiar at all with Nichole Nordeman? I used to listen to her in high school when I was "trying to be a good person." Her voice is beautiful and her songs are convicting, and something took root, but my teenaged-self was too stubborn and prideful for anything to really blossom out of that phase. 

Fast forward about five years or so, my husband and I are reborn and are like, "Oh, hey! Jesus!!" and I'm digging through old CDs trying to find the albums of Nichole Nordeman's I had when I was younger. I found them, then I bought the two new albums I had missed in the years that had passed. 

It's been about ten years since her four albums were on a constant shuffling repeat in my car and at home, but her songs are stuck in my head and my heart forever.

As I was reading John 10, my study bible said this in reference to verse 11:

He has all of our problems, pressures, and provisions under His control, and nothing we face is ever too difficult for Him to handle. So cast your cares upon Him because you can be sure that He will help you.

And I immediately began singing the chorus of "Lay It Down" to myself:

Lay it down a little
Lay it down a lot
I don’t wanna hold it anymore

Lay it down in pieces
Or lay it down in whole
Everything I’ve carried on my own

When I envision casting my cares upon the Lord, or laying my burdens down on Him, my personal visual is that of a pack mule. (Sorry Jesus, but this is what works for me.) When you've got a pack mule, you load him up. You put ALLOFYOURSTUFF on that guy. Maybe, maybe you carry one thing... like your water pouch or something. But anything that's going to weigh you down and make your journey harder than it has to be gets piled up on top of that ass of yours. YOUR PACK MULE. Stick with me, here. 

You see, sometimes when I lay my stuff down on Jesus, my Savior, Redeemer, and pack mule, I keep one or two things to myself. I don't want to burden Him with too much all at once after all, right? If I just give Him one or two things at a time, He'll be better able to handle my journey, right?! I'm doing this for His own good. He should be thanking me!


When Jesus willingly put Himself up on that cross for us, and then died for us, He did it ALL FOR US AND ALL AT ONCE. Their sins, your sins, my sins were paid for on that cross over a very short period of time, and ALL AT ONCE, Jesus took EVERYTHING upon Himself so that we wouldn't have to carry it anymore. 

So why do we keep holding on?

Every once in a while, when I realize that I've been holding on to my burdens, I have a little one-on-one meeting with Jesus, and I just start dumping things onto Him. Now I envision Jesus and myself in an office, with the blinds closed and the door shut, and I'm just dumping all of my stacks and stacks and STACKS of files, paperwork, sticky notes, binders, and ALLOFIT into His lap and I'm saying, "Here. YOU do it."

Then gladly, with a smile on His face and maybe even after a huge bear-hug, He gathers up all of my stuff and says, "This is what I'm here for."

And then I lay at His feet, weeping, and I thank Him and praise Him because I am finally FREE.


HEY, YOU. Is there something -- a burden, a lie -- weighing you down? What do you need to lay down on Jesus today? He is your Savior and He can carry it ALL, so don't hold back. "Lay it down a lot."


By the way, here are Nichole Nordeman's albums, which you need to have in your possession:
Wide Eyed
This Mystery
Woven & Spun



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