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I Am Strong // Devotional Kit Review

I Am Strong // Devotional Kit Review

There are few things more exciting than HAPPY MAIL, amiright?

One of the (only) sad things about long trips is that you miss out on pretty boxes arriving at your doorstep. BUT WAIT. My family and I have been on vacation for almost the whole of July, and knowing that I'd be needing (yes, needing) the I Am Strong devotional kit from them, DaySpring was kind enough to send the kit to a holiday address so I could play with alltheprettythings in my downtime while we were away! HALLELUJAH!

We're still on vacation, in fact, so I am going to keep this review short and sweet.


First, let me warn you that before you open the kit, you need to prepare your heart-eyes because they are about to get real. IT'S LIKE FRESH-CUT GRASS AND POPSICLES AND STRAWBERRIES AND LEMONADE AND RUNNING-THROUGH-SPRINKLERS IN A BOX.

Really. It's summer in a box, you guys. Just look.

Included in the Kit:

devotional booklet // stamp set // orange ink pad // 1 sticker // washi tape // 3 devotional cards //  1 thank you card // cut-out sheet // paperclip 



Everything about it is beautiful, no doubt. I mean, look at those tabs on the cut-out sheet! And that washi! And those devotional cards! And ALLOFIT!

Personally though, my favorite part of the I Am Strong kit is the stamp set and that orange ink. REAL HEART-EYES. The stamp set is full of encouraging words and reminders like "God is my strength," "I am strong," and "Be brave," with some of the cutest little flourishes ever. I'm excited to use the arrow and flourish stamps in my new Illustrated Faith planner!


As for the devotional booklet itself, I've been taking my time in it. This vacation has forced me to slow down, and as hard as that is for me in some aspects, it's been really, very good, for obvious reasons. It's meant placing some of my favorite hobbies and "creative jobs" lower on my priority list, but I think even that was much-needed.

During this time, I've found that each page I have read in the I Am Strong devotional booklet has spoken straight to my heart, at just the time I've needed it. I'm not great at memorization, and of course knowing that, God usually brings verses and messages to me at the time they're most applicable. (Thanks, God! Shout out to You!)

So far in the booklet, many Aha! moments have been had, and I've been furiously highlighting and circling as I read. You guys. It's good, good stuff.

I Am Strong Devotional Kit by Illustrated Faith // reviewed on THE LIFE IN BETWEEN



So I'm going to leave you with this (I told you -- short and sweet): This kit has come at a perfect time for me this summer. It's helped keep my heart where it needs to be in the middle of traveling here-and-there and seeing him-and-her and attending this-and-that, and has helped bring me some much needed peace and quiet in the chaos (albeit wonderful, wonderful chaos). 

Now I hope you'll all have as crazy and beautiful of a summer as I have! Before you run off to treat yourself at the ice-cream shop though, do yourself a favor too and treat your heart to the I Am Strong kit! I promise you will love it.

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