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Friday Night // Blog-tember Challenge

Friday Night // Blog-tember Challenge

Today's Prompt: It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

Well first of all, this is reality for me -- staying in on Friday night, that is -- and I think it's a blast, but some of you may find family life super boring, so maybe the accompanying photos will liven things up for you a bit. 

Let me walk you through this:

My husband gets home at around 5:00 or 5:30, depending on meetings, lesson plans, grading, etc. As he walks through the door, I'm probably feeding the baby in his highchair, whilst making dinner for the rest of us. Most likely I'm making some variation of pasta, these pizza rolls, or killer grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, because that's about the extent of my cooking skills. 



Or, we order this:

Yes. That is a pizza topped with cheese and fries. We are very healthy, you know.


Our oldest, the six year-old, will be playing in his room -- too loudly, most likely -- either pretending to be a ninja or a transformer, or a dinosaur, or even all three at the same time, somehow, because in his world, anything goes. And sometimes I wish I lived in that world, except there are an abundance of robbers and bombs and explosions of all sorts, so, I'm good here, for now.

The first thing my husband will do is to come say hello to the baby, because the baby will be very excited to see his Daddy. Then he'll go change out of his work clothes into something more comfortable, wash his hands, and will either help out in the kitchen or will go play transforming-ninja-dinosaurs. Or, at least, he'll watch as our son plays


I told my husband to sit up straight for the photo. I guess I got what I asked for.

I'll call for everyone to come eat. Our six year-old will complain that whatever the food is is too hot, trying for that to be an excuse to keep playing, and he'll start heading back to his room. I'll tell him to sit down, that he can wait for his food to cool at the table, in probably an annoyed-yet-amused tone.

We'll eat, relatively quietly, except for the beat-boxing from the eldest -- hopefully when there isn't food in his mouth -- and besides the questions, comments, jokes, etc. that he comes up with on the spot, somehow. The baby will observe the family in awe.


We'll finish dinner, clean up, sort of, and will head into the living room. The baby and the big boy will play on the rug while my husband and I try to talk over them about our days, exchanging stories and such, but we probably won't be able to hear each other, so we'll give up on the conversation and will play with the kids until their bedtime.

Bedtime will only be a half-hour later for the kids on Friday, because the baby still doesn't sleep through the night, and because the six year-old wakes up at about 6:30 every morning no matter what his bedtime is, so, the earlier the better.

My husband and I will try to find something to watch on Netflix. We'll probably start a couple of movies, then turn them off after five or ten minutes because they don't meet our criteria. (I'll watch them on my own, another time, because sometimes I like crappy movies.) After finally settling on something to watch, my husband will either fall asleep on the couch or he'll abandon the movie at around 10:30 or 11:00. We were probably talking over it, anyway, since we finally had a chance to have a conversation.

I'm the last one awake.

I'll use this time to schedule some blog posts, plan tomorrow's to-do list, catch up on emails, maybe do a bit of painting and lettering, then finally, I'll crawl into bed, with only an hour or two before the baby will wake up for a bottle or for some relief from his teething. 

To help me sleep I listen to the Sleep With Me Podcast (give it a listen if you have any trouble falling asleep -- it's magical), and will be asleep within about ten to twenty minutes.

So, you guys, that's it! That is a real Friday night in my life! 

And I pretty much love it.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What does Friday night look like for you, when you stay in? Are you one of the first to sleep or do you enjoy a little time on your own when the rest of the world is sleeping? Tell me in the comments! ↴

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