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A Firm Foundation // A Children's Bible Study Review

Hey Friends! I'm so excited to share this with you today! My 7 year-old son (Jackson) and I received an advanced copy of the children's bible study and scripture memory workbook, "A Firm Foundation," and we have been loving working through it together!

I've asked Jack to help me write this post, since the workbook is geared towards kids in his age group. (If you ever want to have a good time, interview a 7 year-old.)

First, a few informational details from the author, Crystal Brothers:

"The workbook is 70+ pages and includes a parent guide along with everything you need to explore these verses together as a family.

For each verse you will find several pages of activities including:

  • A flashcard of the verse
  • A full page poster of the verse
  • Copywork & fill-in-the-blank activities
  • Tracing some key words
  • Definitions and word studies
  • Comprehension questions
  • Fun activities
  • Practical applications

Throughout the workbook, you will also find fun and colorful illustrations to help keep children interested and engaged in the material.

These pages and activities are designed not only to help your children remember the words, but also to understand the meaning so that it will really stick with them."

We received "A Firm Foundation" last week, and Jack was super anxious to get started in it. He's been watching me work through my own devotionals, workbooks, and journaling bibles, and while he's got his own children's bibles and blank journals for note-taking and prayers, the journals' primary uses have been for listing toys he wants for his next birthday, or for writing stories. I do encourage Jack to write whatever he wants to in his journals though, so it's alright that they're not being used for prayers.

But let's get to the interview, shall we?

the life in between (Mama): So Jack, what do you think about "A Firm Foundation?" Do you like it?

Jack: Yeah!

Mama: What do you like about it?

Jack: That it lets me learn about the bible.

Mama: Is the book helping you to remember bible verses?

Jack: Yes.

Mama: Do you think it's helping you to understand what the bible verses mean? 

Jack: I think so!

Mama: What's your favorite part about the book? 

Jack: Hmm. The verses. All of the verses are so cool.

Mama: Why are the verses so cool?

Jack: Because they let me learn about God.

Mama: What are you going to do with the certificate at the end of the book?

Jack: I'm going to show it to my friends and stuff like that.

Mama: What else do you want to say about "A Firm Foundation"?

Jack: It's fun and I like it, and I like it because it lets me learn about God, and I like the verses, and I also like the activities. 

Mama: Do you think other kids should use this workbook?

Jack: Yes, because it'll help them do the stuff that I just said.

Mama: Okay thank you, Jack. Now get outta here.

It's been so much fun watching Jack work through "A Firm Foundation." Having a workbook with a clear purpose has gotten him so excited to study the bible more and to memorize scripture! I wish I had found something like this for him much sooner.

Oh and guess what! From June 20th - 24th you can get the book for only $5! You can't beat that! After the 24th of June the price goes back to $17, so hop to it!


"A Firm Foundation" was written for children ages 4-8, but as the author says, "you know your child best." I (and Jack, obviously) highly recommend snatching up your copy of this workbook. And like I mentioned, during this week it's less than the price of a fancy coffee, so you really can't go wrong. 

Happy workbooking!


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