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Daily Happiness Series - Question 28

Daily Happiness Series - Question 28

It's here! The final question!

Question 28: What do you have to lose?

My Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If it's not a decision of life or death, I have absolutely nothing to lose. And actually even then, the answer is still nothing, really.

While I know that in my heart though, my head doesn't always allow me to make decisions based on my heart-knowledge, which kind of stinks sometimes. 

We have each been given one life, and I believe God wants us to enjoy the life He gives us. I believe He wants us to live for a purpose -- for His purpose, whatever it is in our life at any given moment -- and I believe that He wants us to squeeze out every ounce of joy that we can from our life on earth while we're living it.

This may mean taking chances; taking risks.
This may mean saying Yes to scary things.
This may mean saying No to preferred, safe things.
This may mean accepting change.
This may mean creating change.
This may mean listening to your heart instead of your head.
This may mean listening to your head instead of someone else's.
This may mean going the opposite way; being different.
This may mean a lot of things.
But it does for sure mean living; not holding back.

Don't let someone else -- or a handful of someone elses -- determine how you'll live your life. Live it for Him. Simply live your life for Him, and you'll be able to prayerfully make decisions for yourself

Can I talk about cliques, briefly? Because while that last little paragraph may be applied to any group of people or to any organization or even to any thought or idea, as I was writing it, God brought cliques to mind. You know, like the kind of cliques you deal with (or are a part of) in Jr High and High School? Ladies, no one ever told me that was something I'd be dealing with as a 31 year-old wife and mother. And the hurt goes deeper the older you get, in my experience.

I have been on both sides of this tragedy.

I've been in a clique before, casting out those who didn't quite fit the bill (even if I actually did like them!). And I've been the outcast, who just didn't measure up, who misspoke or misstepped and may as well wear a scarlet letter, or a letter of another color. 

God-love-us, women. Sometimes we can be ugly. And cliques are just ugly, no matter how we try to justify them. So let's just stop them altogether. 

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.
— Romans 15:7
For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
— Galatians 5:1

Whatever it is, pray, and then act. 


Here's my suggestion: step out in faith. What has been on your heart? What has been weighing heavily on your mind... on your soul? Do you need to reach out to a friend, or to step back from an unhealthy relationship? Is there a project you're too afraid to start, or to finish? Is there a job opportunity, or a possible promotion that you're not sure is worth going after? Do you want to go back to school? Is there someone you've been dying to meet for coffee, or for a date, but you've been too afraid to ask? Is God calling you to go, whether figuratively or literally? (I can assure you that He is.)

So what is it?

Whatever it is, pray, and then act

What do you have to lose, anyway? 

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