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Daily Happiness Series - Question 22

Daily Happiness Series - Question 22

Question 22: What was the thing that didn't last forever, but was still worth-while?

My Answer: N A S H V I L L E

About 13 years ago, I met my husband at Washington State University. He was a sophomore, I was a freshman, and we ended up living on the same floor in a co-ed dorm. We fell in love fast and hard, and after one semester, dropped out together to move to Nashville to pursue some sort of success in the music industry. 

Why Nashville?

Nashville might make sense if you know us as we are now, and if you know Nashville for the contemporary Christian artists it houses now, but when we were there, we were both really far away from God. He wasn't even on our radar. And I don't know if Nashville was the haven then that it is now for Christian artists, either. We didn't go to Nashville to enter the mainstream contemporary Christian music "scene".

Nashville is also, more obviously probably, know for its country music scene, and its rich history in that genre. But we aren't country music artists, either.

13 years ago, our style would have been categorized as indie/alternative. Sean's a super-skilled guitar player and he can write really beautiful music, and I'm an alright lyricist, I suppose, and my vocal skills are... quality... but, to give you an idea of what we sounded like then, here were our favorite bands in 2002/2003: Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam (that was one of Sean's... I've always hated Pearl Jam. Sorry.), Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, and sometimes we'd throw in Led Zeppelin and Neil Young. You could tell who our influences were when you heard our music and lyrics. 

Nashville wasn't having it.

So why Nashville, then?

Well, it's simple, really. What do most 18-19 year olds want? Independence, adventure, and convenience. 

Independence: We were moving half-way across the country together, away from our families, friends, and away from the status quo. 

Adventure: I'll say it again: we were moving half-way across the country together! We had only known each other for a few short months, and were moving away together. No one could stop us. And we were going to try to become successful musicians! Like the kind who make money from their music! (Obviously it's only by the grace of God that things worked out the wonderful way they did for us -- moving away together with someone you've only just met could be a complete disaster, clearly -- but God had a really great, elaborate plan for us.)

Convenience: Sean has grandparents living just outside of Nashville, so for the first month we lived there, we had a place to stay. As soon as both of us found jobs, we rented our own little apartment closer to the city (and just a short walk from a Super Wal-Mart!), and lived for the world and for ourselves. 

We spent three years in Nashville.

After a couple of really traumatic personal experiences for each of us, and after realizing that we were actually happier just living normal lives (we really didn't try very hard to get our music out there), we decided we'd move back to WA. It was after we moved back to Washington that we came to know Jesus together, were married, had our first boy, and were (thankfully) introduced to the world of contemporary worship music!

God is using your life & your experiences, sometimes without you knowing His hand is in them.

Throughout these last 13 years, my husband and I have evolved as individuals and as a couple. We were really young (and slightly stupid) when we decided to run away together, but experiencing our three years in Nashville together brought us so close to each other, and I think God was using our time there as a tool to show us what really matters in our lives, even without us knowing His hand was in it at the time. 

YOUR TURN! What is one thing for you that didn't last forever, but that you have no regrets about? Tell me your story! ⤵︎

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