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Daily Happiness Series - Question 20

Daily Happiness Series - Question 20

Question 20: When was the last time you started something new?

My Answer: The last time I started something new was when I published my first post for the Blog-tember Challenge! I think I may have taken on a bit too much when I committed to writing a post a day in September, but I'm trying my best to keep up -- for myself.

You see for me, coming here is therapy. Everything that goes into this site -- my painting, lettering, writing -- is an outlet for me, and this little corner of the internet is the place where they all come together.

As I'm painting, I'm worshiping; as I'm lettering, I'm praying; and as I'm writing, I'm processing. This site is a little sanctuary for my heart. It's where I come to bring it all together -- to bring my worship, prayers, and thoughts together where they can be picked apart, processed, and rearranged until they all make sense in my heart. This space is a space for me to come back to, and for readers to visit often for some hope, maybe a bit of wisdom now and then, a little beauty, and a whole lot of honesty. This space is a space where my worship, prayers, and thoughts are brought together and are made into one work, which is ultimately not for you or for me, but is for Him

Color play, brush strokes, accents, blending... it's all fun to me. I am not even close to being a watercolor artist, you guys. Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing. I just have an eye for color, I suppose, and when I splash them all together, fun stuff happens. The best part about it is that while I'm playing with paint like a 5 year old does, I'm marveling at the beauty that God's brought into my life. I'm wondering at so many things -- from the simplicity of the brightness of red paint on white paper, or the beauty of the way instruments work together to create incredible sound, to the majesty of His creation, and the vastness of His love. As I paint, this is my worship. 

Outlining, penciling, erasing, re-spacing, starting over, finding the perfect curve to accentuate on the letter 'w', or finally figuring out the best way to script a lower-case 'k'. Filling in spaces with my favorite black pigment pen, being brave enough to letter in color, and practicing my alphabet with a brush pen. I pray for patience with myself; I pray for the friend or the customer I'm creating for. I pray for myself not to lose focus on what my aim is through my work (to glorify God), and I pray that I won't go cross-eyed after having slowly and painstakingly lettered a hymn. I pray for refugees, for family, for a change in weather, or for financial support to come through. As I letter, these are my prayers.

Thoughts and phrases and words stringed together like beads on a cord flow into my mind faster than my hand can write -- or type -- and just as quickly, they're swept out of my mind and replaced by something new. (Which means many, many edits are made before I publish a post!) God clarifies things for me as I write; He helps me to understand and to put into words the ideas I want to convey. As I write, I learn new things, I feel new things, and new ideas reveal themselves to me as suddenly and frequently as popping popcorn. (Sometimes it's a mess, too.) When it's done, though -- when the words are out and organized into thoughtful and structured little paragraphs, pleasing to the eye and easy on the mind -- somehow, it all comes together, and God reveals to me the purpose of my time spent here. As I write, this is my mind's process.

And so, back to Blog-tember. Did you know that even while I write about fashion, or my love of coffee and puppies and fluffy kittens, or what songs I frequently listen to -- did you know that even while I write about things of the world, I can still have my mind and heart set on things above? It's funny how that works. So although every post you see here may not be based on scripture, and although I may paint or letter something that doesn't have a pretty, swirly bible verse or faith-based thought or quote on it, know that even so, each post brings me some sort of peace, and that I am here to please and to praise God.

And I love doing it!

YOUR TURN! What about you? When was the last time you started something new? And why did you start? I wanna know! ↴

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