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Christmas Home Tour & Traditions // THREE GIVEAWAYS

Christmas Home Tour & Traditions // THREE GIVEAWAYS

 I can't believe Christmas is only NINE DAYS AWAY.

I always feel like a little kid again when it starts getting this close to the 25th! That's one great thing about having kids, too, just in case you needed another item to add to your list of pros: when you have children, you have a socially acceptable excuse to act like a child (not that you really need an excuse, though): You can binge-watch animated Christmas movies, sing and dance to kiddie playlists, play hide-and-seek with an elf*, OD on junk food, etc., with very limited judgment from your peers! It extends beyond the holidays too, of course.

Currently, wintering and Christmasing is all we're doing around here, so for this week's Currently post, I'm going to join in with The Circle linkup to take you on a mini-tour of our mini apartment, and to share with you some fun traditions we have in this season. 

The City Lights:
Christmas in Vienna is absolutely amazing. Vienna is an incredible city all year 'round, but in the winter, it's breathtaking. One of my favorite winter traditions is to just walk around and experience the city (which includes stopping every five seconds [to annoy my husband and] to take as many pictures as I can of the beautiful lights and decorations). The pictures I have of Christmas in the city don't really do it any justice, but maybe they'll give you an idea:

The Markets:
And of course there are the Christmas Markets, which are so much fun (and so delicious). So far we've been to four markets this year. You can also see ⟶this post⟵ for a look at one of our favorite markets at night (prepare your #hearteyes).

At Home
I tend to keep the decorations to a minimum in our apartment. Mostly because I hate putting a bunch of stuff out and then having to put it away again after just a month, but also because our apartment is small (so less is more), and it's not really my style to turn our place into Santa's Workshop.
This is our first year having a tree taller than two feet high (thanks, IKEA!), so it feels a little more Christmas-Spirit-y around here than in past years. (Please excuse the tree's skirtlessness.) We've used only non-glass ornaments to avoid any disasters by the one year-old Destroyer. There were glass ornaments on the tree for about an hour or so before we had to take them down. They were too shiny and tempting, apparently. Also, I'm very pleased to introduce you to Barney the Elf*.

So that's it! There's your quick tour around Vienna and through our home! 

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