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Currently // Life on Wednesday

Currently // Life on Wednesday

I'm back! And currently, I'm

Anticipating my first post being published over on the Illustrated Faith blog this Friday! Yikes! I was (am) so nervous about this, you guys! Bearing my soul through my writing and artwork feels so sacred and good, but also terrifying at the same time. I lay it all out every day here in my own space, sure, but to share my deep, deep heart-thoughts in another "world"... that is some scary stuff. (But I really am excited!)

Buying Timberland boots. Oh, no, sorry. Type-o. That should read: "wishing I was buying Timberland boots."

Making some hand-painted Midori journals. I like them and I don't... I guess I haven't quite figured out exactly what to paint on them yet, but my wheels are spinning.

Participating in a blog series called The Circle Linkup. This month's theme is an acrostic "poem" using the word THANKFUL. So, here I go:

I am thankful for:

Tea. Hot tea. Hot, cinnamon tea.
(my) Husband. He's cute and I like him.
Nap time. Praise Jesus.
Knusper Müsli. I swear I could live on that stuff.
Fall. My favorite season!
(the) UBahn. Because without it I'd have to walk everywhere
Liam and Jack. My boys, of course.

(Okay, that was harder than I thought it would be. I'm sure I'll think of better words after I publish this post, but, what are you gonna do.)

Planning a possible visit to the States next summer! We're hoping and praying it'll work out. We haven't been back to visit friends and family since... well, basically since we moved here, really, over three years ago. We were there for two weeks two years ago, but it was a busy, busy, whirlwind of a time, and considering the travel-time (and jet-lag), it was hardly a break at all. We're expecting a longer visit if we can swing it, and going during the summer is the only way to make that work. 

Reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. And you guys. I can't stop laughing/crying/cry-laughing. You must read this one.

Wearing scarves and oversized sweaters! And my husband's cozy socks! My favorite! Finally, fall/winter has arrived, and it's just lovely.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What's your life like currently? And try the acrostic poem! Which words would you use? ⤵︎

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