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Currently // Blog-tember Challenge

Currently // Blog-tember Challenge

Today's Prompt: What are you up to currently?

I see these posts around a lot and always love reading them (because they're usually in list form, and I love lists), but I don't think I've ever attempted to write a Currently post, myself. 

Here's to trying new things!

Currently, I'm...

Reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. It's the first in a mystery series that's been out for awhile, and I'm loving it so far! It's a super easy read, too, which is great since I don't have a lot of time these days for much more than easy reading.

Watching nothing, unfortunately. All of my shows are on break. But I'm waiting to watch Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, PLL (I hated that finale, by the way), Modern Family, and when it's available, Jurassic World!

Trying to balance a lot of things. Custom lettering orders, contributions to other blogs, collaborations with a couple of fun organizations, my own blog, a couple of small groups I'm a part of, the list goes on. And of course I try not to forget about my husband and children, in the meantime.

Cooking grilled ham and cheese. I'm a serious foodie. 

Eating all of the yogurt I can get my hands on. You guys. I love yogurt. But I'm also eating all of the candy I can get my hands on, because I don't like to be too healthy. Balance, you know.

Drinking soda water with any sort of fruit juice. All day long, thanks.

Calling no one. And I'm not answering my phone, either. Please just send me a text. Extra points if our conversation consists primarily of emojis. 😆✌️👍💩

Texting my mom to bug her and my dad about finally coming to visit. ✈️💰

Pinning journaling-, planning-, and organizational-related pictures and blog posts. It helps me to manage all of the things I'm trying to balance, you see.

Loving blogging, and the community I've found through it.

Hating having my eyes feel like they're constantly being stabbed by millions of tiny little knives. Eye allergies really are the worst, I tell ya.

Celebrating my son's first week of first grade being a pain- and tear-free week! I'm so proud of him (and me)!

Ordering this necklace. Because I love it, and because my baby loves to chew on, pull on, and spit on my jewelry, so it might as well be safe for him and for me, while still looking cute. (And not costing a fortune.)

Thanking God for my life. It's messy and crazy and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and of course I have had and still have my share of "it", but I really am blessed, and am a happy lady.

Starting to plan a really neat series, showcasing some of the lesser-known or lesser-appreciated creative arts, exploring how art and faith are intertwined. I am crazy excited for the series! The first post should be up in early October, so keep checking back!

Finishing up on a few custom orders that have been on my to-do list for an embarrassing amount of time. 

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What have you been up to lately? Tell me, tell me! ↴

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