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Creative Goals // March

Please join me in laughing at and celebrating my inability to meet goals, and my comfort in knowing that it doesn't matter, anyway. 

Okay. Moment's over.


February's Goals (HAHAHAHAAAAA!)

  • Organize a giveaway based on ⟶this book⟵ written by my awesome friend -- NOPE. Didn't do that. I have a different giveaway coming up this month anyway, so I'm not too worried about this one.
  • Participate (with my son) in 15 of 29 Instagram doodling/lettering prompts. -- YES. Let's say yes. He participated in a total of 3, I participated in a total of 14, so... close enough.
  • Take two Influence Net classes. -- NOPE. In fact, I closed my account with the Net. As an "overseas dweller," I was finding it hard to connect with other members, and wasn't motivated enough to take any classes on my own time. Oops.
  • Publish at least two blog posts per week. -- YES. Commence back-patting now, please.
  • DIY the girly chandeliers in my boys' rooms. -- Sadly, NO. My original plan needs some tweaking, so March will be the month for this.
  • Write that pen-pal letter, already. -- HAHAHAHA NO.

You guys, two out of six isn't really that bad. I should be proud of myself! (Just clap for me and move on to the pretty pictures.)


Lettering in February

I had a lot of fun with February's lettering challenges! I referred to three different challenge calendars from Instagram, which I'll reference later in this post for March's goals, in case you want to join!

Bible Journaling in February

Aside from the John Series and Illustrated Faith features I shared on the blog throughout February, I was also able to squeeze in one stand-alone page. I love how light and airy it feels! CAN YOU FEEL IT.


February DIY and Crafts

Apart from my usual lettering and bible journaling artsy-craftsy stuff, I accomplished two additional projects. Not very many, I know, but who is actually counting? (If it's you, you're a creep.) I made paper envelopes and little love notes for ⟶this post⟵, and was inspired by Illustrated Faith's "Make It Count" devotional to make a thank-you card for my favorite barista. 

Planning in February

February marked my transition from bullet journaling to an A5 planner system. Actually, the transition isn't entirely complete and I still intend to use a bullet journal for some list making. I may do a few comparison posts on the two planning systems in the future, but for now, so you know, I don't think I have a preference.


Creating Creative Kids

Our 7 year-old wasn't into the lettering challenges as much as I hoped he'd be. He does so well in the subject of writing (learning cursive, that is) at school, so I assumed he'd love to join me, but, not so much. Maybe for March I'll alternate doodling and lettering challenges. He loves to paint, so maybe we'll just find a completely different challenge for him. As for the 1 year-old, he is very serious about coloring. On everything. Including walls, tile floors, table tops, book covers, etc. At least it's a start.

Creative Space

Thanks to IKEA and a friend who can drive (hallelujah!), I have a new workspace, and I am loving it! Everything fits perfectly! I'm having a hard time getting a quality photo of the space as a whole, so bits and pieces will have to do for now. 

March's Goals

  • Participate (with my son) in 15 of 31 daily creative challenges.
  • Publish at least two blog posts per week.
  • DIY the girly chandeliers in my boys' rooms.
  • Write that pen-pal letter, which has probably been long-forgotten by my pen-pal, anyway.
  • Paint and letter 25 pieces for an upcoming collaboration!

If you're interested in joining me in the challenges I alternate between on Instagram, here are the calendars, each of which will link you to their creator's page!

HOW ABOUT YOU? How did you do on your goals for February? What is one goal you have for March? ⤵︎


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