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Creative Goals // February

Wow, I am not great at keeping goals, I've come to realize. But I am really good about giving myself grace in this area (obviously), so I'm not too torn up about it.

Let's take a look at January and laugh at just how bad of a job I did at meeting the goals I set for the month!

January Goals:

  • Organize a giveaway based on ⟶this book⟵ written by my awesome friend -- NOPE. 
  • Write a pen-pal letter that is embarrassingly overdue -- NOPE. And she probably thinks I'm the worst person. It's true that I'm the worst pen-pal, but maybe I'm not the worst person.
  • Paint 25 top-secret things for a top-secret project -- NOPE.
  • Paint 10 journal/sticker sets -- NOPE.
  • Participate (with my son) in 15 of 31 Instagram doodling/lettering prompts -- YES! We did it! Hallelujah!
  • Take at least one Influence Network class -- NOPE.

So, it's been established that I suck at monthly goals. I'm usually pretty good at keeping weekly goals, though! Usually. I deserve a pat on the back for keeping my two boys alive, at least -- that's a goal I've kept for awhile now. 

Even though I'm not great at keeping goals, I'm going to set some goals for February, anyway. I think it's important to set goals, no matter how long they remain unmet!

February Goals:

  • Organize that giveaway. ⤴︎ For real.
  • Participate (with my son) in 15 of 29 Instagram doodling/lettering prompts.
  • Take two Influence Net classes. 
  • Publish at least two blog posts per week.
  • DIY the girly chandeliers in my boys' rooms.
  • Write that pen-pal letter, already.

So! Let's see if I can actually accomplish more than one goal this month.

If you saw my Goals and Inspiration for the New Year post, you'll remember that one of my goals for 2016 is to create. Just create. Whether it's by lettering, painting, doodling, or DIYing, I want to make stuff. In order to hold myself accountable to this, I'm going to share my crafty stuff here at the end of each month. (Which is why I'm entitling this series "Creative Goals," rather than just "Goals.") 

I took photos of all of my lettering/painting/doodling accomplishments for the month of January, but didn't save the photos except for in Instagram. So I don't have a recap here for last month. But to give you a glimpse into how February's going so far, here's what was created yesterday (including my son's "lettering piece":

WHAT WILL YOU ACCOMPLISH? Do you set monthly goals? Are you better at meeting them than I am? How do you keep up? (I could use some pointers!) Let me know in the comments. ⤵︎

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