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Christmas Market Date Night // Art Advent on Karlsplatz // Print Giveaway!

Christmas Market Date Night // Art Advent on Karlsplatz // Print Giveaway!

My husband and I rarely get out for date nights (which we're trying to remedy), but there is one particular date we are sure to go on every year. Every year since we've been in Vienna, we've arranged for someone to sit on our kids for a few hours while we go out on our Christmas Market Date Night!

The Viennese Christmas Markets begin opening in November, and each one of them has something amazing to offer. I'm not sure how I'd answer if I were asked which market was my favorite. This year, we were on a bit of a tight schedule, so we chose the most conveniently located market: Art Advent on Karlsplatz.

We'd been to this market before, but this was our first time going together in the evening, sans children. It was so much fun!

The first thing we noticed as we approached the market was the quaintness of it. Despite the number of people there in the relatively small space, the market is organized brilliantly, which allowed us to maneuver through the crowds with minimal effort, which was great for us since we only had about an hour to spend there.

As you walk further into the market, there's one thing you can't miss: Karlskirche. The church is incredibly beautiful, but at the Christmas Market at night, it's amazing.

Each stand at the Art Advent offers one of two things: food (yes, please), or handmade goods (yes, please). Even if you don't buy anything (which is really hard to manage), it's a lot of fun -- and inspiring for Creatives -- to explore!

Here's what the rest of Christmas Market Date Night looked like for us this year:

they look sort of disgusting here, but we found crêpes and they were so good.

A merry-go-round controlled by two people on bicycles! I can't wait to go back with my 7 year-old!

a heart-shaped waffle on a stick covered in chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. oh, and glühwein, which everyone needs a bit of in their life.

of course a night out in vienna wouldn't be complete without a performance by some dudes wearing horse heads.

And as a bonus, here's a short clip of one of the entrances of the market, featuring the horse head dudes and my husband's shenanigans:

But wait! Before you go, I've got one more thing for you! This week I have the privilege of participating in an awesome print giveaway with three other super-talented ladies! Here's what you get:

It's so easy to enter: 

SO WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have any date night traditions? Do tell! ⤵︎

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