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I had mentioned in an earlier post that there were some exciting things in the works for THE LIFE IN BETWEEN. Mostly that means that I'm excited, but I really hope you'll be excited, too!

Here -- let me help:

Reasons to be Excited:

  • You may have noticed there are a few new "faces" gracing the right sidebar of the blog. THE LIFE IN BETWEEN is PR friendly, which means that I will work with advertisers/affiliates and may every once in a while share a sponsored post with you. But I made a promise to myself to keep TLIB God-and-you-and-me-focused, instead of profit-focused. This means I only, only ever work with brands and businesses that I believe in. So let me share with you three companies/brands that I completely and utterly believe in, and you feel free to do what you will with this information. (I.e., get excited.)
    • If you're in the market for anything faith-related and beautiful and lovely, then be sure to visit that right sidebar and check out the amazing things DaySpring has to offer! And, insider info: through me you'll gain access to secret sales (shhh!) like the one going on now! Oh, and don't forget the soon and very soon partnering of DaySpring and Illustrated Faith! Keep your eyes open! (Your #hearteyes, of course.)
    • If you happen to be looking for scrapbook/planner/creative-anything supplies, The Ink Road's got you covered. You can get 10% off of anything at any time by using the code TAWNI10 on your Ink Road orders, so I suggest you check out some of the awesome, awesome goodness they've got going on over there. 
    • I met Karen through The Peony Project, a Facebook group for Jesus-loving Bloggers (if you're one of those, and you're not yet a member of The Peony Project, meet your new best friends). Anyway, Karen blogs at A House Full of Sunshine, and she has put together this amazing planner, the Dreams By Design Planner. It has pretty much everything you could ever want in a planner, and I can't wait to get started in my own copy! 
  • I've put together an editorial calendar for myself! My goal for this space is that it'll not only reflect my heart for Christ and God's Kingdom, but that it'll also be a reliable source of inspiration and encouragement. I've tried a couple of different series here and there, and they've been really helpful to keep me on track of my writing/journaling. While I may throw in a new series or two again in the future, I primarily plan to regularly share posts about my bullet journaling, bible journaling (of course), and will be sharing tips (more like "what I tried, which may or may not have worked") on how to incorporate creativity into every day! Plus, of course, you can still expect to hear from more amazing artists in the monthly heART series interviews! Oh, I've also got a couple more giveaways up my sleeve, so there's that.
  • Another goal I have for TLIB is to finally get my act together and send a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will basically be a recap of the month's most popular posts (since you can't subscribe to Squarespace blogs by email, you may be missing out on some TLIB happenings!), but the newsletter will also include giveaway alerts and freebies (mostly in the form of printables)! So, go ahead and jump the gun, and sign up for the upcoming TLIB Newsletter! (Again, that right sidebar is your friend.)

If you're not excited by now... I'm not surprised and I can't blame you. After all, I did warn you that the exciting things that were happening at TLIB were mostly exciting for me. If you are excited, then I'm excited to know you, so please leave a comment and let me know what excites you the most about all of this exciting news! 


BUT BEFORE YOU GO, there is one more exciting thing I need to share with you. I've partnered with Mama & Little, the amazing shop behind all of the crazy-cute jewelry you've seen me wear if you've ever seen me, to bring you a pretty cool giveaway. It's so easy to enter, so take a minute and do that! ⤵︎

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