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Three Books // Read, Reading, To-Read - Vol. 1

Three Books // Read, Reading, To-Read - Vol. 1

I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. My parents read to and with me from a very young age, and made reading seem so cool and fun in my young eyes. I learned to love to read, and now my taste in books isn't very particular -- I like almost all of it! I'm always reading something.

try to do the same for my kids that my parents did for me -- to read to and with them consistently -- but am afraid I'm not living up to the "read in front of your kids" standard as much I would like to. That is, even when I'm not reading a book with them, I should be reading one of my own books in front of them so they can see reading as a fun hobby -- as something that people enjoy doing!

Three Books // Read, Reading, To-Read - Vol. 1 // book recommendations, book reviews // THE LIFE IN BETWEEN

And because who doesn't love a good book recommendation?, I want to share three books with you today -- the book I most recently read, the book I'm reading now, and the book next on my list.


My Most Recent Read

I read Tom Rob Smith's Child 44 Trilogy a couple of years ago and loved his writing and storytelling. So when I saw he had another book out, apart from the series, I knew I had to read it. (There's another new book coming in November, too!)

I'm not great at book reviews, so I'll just tell you that from the start, I was hooked on The Farm. It was easy to read, easy to fall into the story, and just... good. It was a fairly quick read too, so if you're looking for something to get you through a weekend, this'll be it. 

Genres: Thriller, Suspense

Three Books: Read, Reading, To-Read // book recommendations, book reviews

What I'm Reading Now

I started Cloud Atlas a couple of weeks ago, and breezed right through the first few stories. It's a really, really interesting novel, as each story within is written in the first person from a different character's viewpoint. Each story seems completely separate from the others as you read, except for one small thing that connects them all. (At least so far as I've read!)

Since I read so quickly through the first half of the book, I expected to be finished much sooner, but I got caught up on a particular story that I didn't find quite as interesting as the others, so I kind of lagged for a few days. I've finished that part though and things are starting to pick back up again, and I have very high expectations for the rest of the novel, based on reviews I've seen and heard.

Genres: Multiple, including Science Fiction, Dystopian, Historical Fiction

Three Books: Read, Reading, To-Read // book recommendations, book reviews

Next on My List

I read the first of Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce series, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, a couple of months ago, and was completely won over. Flavia is a young, wannabe detective who's adventurous and cheeky, and I just love her. The story takes place in the 1950s somewhere in England, so the language (for this American expat) is fun to read, too. 

The next book in the series is this, The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag, and all reviews say wonderful things about this second story being just as good as the first, so again, expectations are high!

Genres: Mystery, YA

Three Books: Read, Reading, To-Read // book recommendations, book reviews

So, friends -- have you read any good books lately?


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