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Blogtember Day 19 // Past Post Favorites

It's Day 19 of the #blogtemberchallenge, my friends! I deserve a cookie for having made it this far.

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 19: Past Post Favorites

Today's prompt comes at an interesting time, because I've been seriously considering a shift in focus for THE LIFE IN BETWEEN. With the shop launching soon, I want my blog to have a clear direction (or at least a reliable schedule), so I'll be spending some time working on making that happen.

I've always hated the idea of putting myself (and my blog) in a box and putting a "niche" label on "my brand," but everything will function better and will be more cohesive with more focus, and you'll appreciate the focus too.

So in honor of the past and in celebration of the future, let's follow today's prompt and have a look at some old(ish) posts!


Blogtember Day 19: Past Post Favorites

LITTLE LOVE NOTES I love looking back at this paper craft tutorial! Back in February of this year, I co-hosted a link up with Kiki from In Its Time. She's not hosting the link up anymore and I totally understand why and respect her decision, because it kind of relates to how I'm feeling about the direction of my own blog! Anyway though, when I hosted with her, our theme was Blogger Valentines. For my contribution, I shared a photo tutorial on how to make these little paper envelopes stuffed with tiny love notes (or notes of general encouragement!), and I still think they are some of the cutest little things!


I KNOW YOU MEAN WELL... I think I mostly like this post because of the honesty with which I wrote it. The bible journaling page is maybe one of my personal favorites too, because #monochromeeverything, but beyond the pretty pictures, I feel like I was having a particularly brave moment when I wrote and shared what I did. It seemed like a lot of people were able to relate to the post too, which is always a relief! 😅 The main takeaway: Prayer is a powerful weapon, but we have hands and feet, too. Let's use them. 


FOLLOW THE LEADER Another bible journaling page! Go figure. I'm choosing this one not only because of the honesty, but also because of the relevance. I'm feeling especially led lately by society and cultural expectations, and need to get myself off of that path. So I've chosen this post as a favorite to remind myself that it's okay to follow your own path, and to let only One be the leader of your heart.


THREE BOOKS Alright I'm getting really recent, now. I really, really enjoyed putting together this post on the three books that I've recently read, am reading now, and will read next. It made me realize how much I love sharing book recommendations, even though I'm not the most thorough book reviewer. Yay for books, thank you very much.  


OUR CRAZIEST ADVENTURE Another really recent one. I chose this post because of its relevance, too. Not only is it a fun walk down memory lane, but it's a reminder of how independent and courageous I can be. Although in that particular story I wasn't being led by anything besides my own selfish desires, I admire the outlook and attitude I had about having control over my own life. I want to walk down the path God has set for me, and there's no way I can do that if I'm putting so much focus on pleasing others. Looking back and reading that story, it's incredible to realize how far I (and my husband) have come, and gives me so much hope for the future!


Now you guys, I hope I haven't implied that my blog is changing completely... the only change really is that you, my readers, will know what to expect, and I think that's a great thing. (The site might end up looking prettier, too.) So hang in there and be patient... the best is yet to come! While I'm working on my new editorial calendar and am gaining momentum on the upcoming shop launch, I'll continue to send out my monthly newsletter (including more fun freebies and discount codes!). And if you want in on that, SIGN UP HERE.

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 19: Past Post Favorites




Keep It Together // The One Product that Simplifies My Life

Keep It Together // The One Product that Simplifies My Life