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Blogtember Day 1 // Introduction

I have every intention of following through with the #blogtemberchallenge this year, but if you're a subscriber you know that there are a few other exciting things in the works for TLIB, so I may miss a day here and there -- and there and here.

I want to stick with the challenge because writing every day is such a good exercise... and because the prompts are already written out, which means that minimal "thinking/planning" is required, and, let's face it -- sometimes I run out of thoughts and my thinking/planning capabilities are lost. (I could even write days and days in advance for this challenge if I was one of those professional-blogger-type-people and/or was really organized with my life and my time. Since I'm neither of those things though, really, let's just say "I'll give it my best shot.")

#blogtemberchallenge Day 1 with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Introduction

I usually like to dig pretty deep with my posts because I'm not typically into surface-level conversations, but since this challenge is more about community than it is about heart-matters, I'll do my very best to keep everything light-hearted and brief. Also, since this is a 30-day challenge, I don't want to write 1000-word essays for each post!


Blogtember Day 1: Introduction

I am Tawni. You know that by now, I think. I'm 32, married (to Sean) with two sons (7 [Jack] and 1 [Liam]), and I'm a hand-lettering artist and aspiring shop-owner. I love Jesus, but I'm afraid that sometimes I fail at representing Him. I have many, many questions about faith and love and grace and forgiveness, but am able to accept that some questions cannot be answered (right away). I'm musical. I'm judgmental and fall into the trap of comparison too often, and I have trust issues. But I'm loyal -- like, hardcore loyal. I'm an introvert (INFP, for those of you who're into that kind of thing), and a shy one at that, but if I'm comfortable around you and/or if we get onto a subject I'm passionate about, it's hard to get me to stop talking. I'm sarcastic, and it's really important to me that my kids learn the language of humor. I'm an incredible problem-solver and am quick to come up with creative solutions. It's also very important to me that my kids become great problem-solvers, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to encourage them to think for themselves. I love ice cream. I also love coffee, which I believe has been established. I try to be brave. I cry at the end of You've Got Mail -- e v e r y t i m e. When getting acquainted with new people, I try to make them laugh. Once that's been accomplished, I feel a bit more self-confident and comfortable around them. I have a paralyzing fear of spiders and sharks, but am absolutely fascinated by them at the same time. I don't believe that being an introvert, or being shy, even, are "character flaws" or are "issues that I need to overcome," and it bothers me deeply when it's implied otherwise. I hate diets. I live in Vienna, Austria, and love, love, love it here. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live and work and do ministry in such a beautiful part of the world. I'm a multipotentialite. I love reading and miss (terribly) my collection of books that had to be left in the States. I think this is enough of an introduction.

#blogtemberchallenge Day 1 with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Introduction

Any questions?


Blogtember Day 2 // Current Goals

Your True Identity (Knock Some Walls Down) // A Guest Post

Your True Identity (Knock Some Walls Down) // A Guest Post