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Blogtember Day 11 // Favorite Grammers

DAY ELEVEN. That means we can say we're almost halfway through the challenge, you guys! Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back -- you've made it so far!

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 11: Favorite Instagrammers

The #blogtemberchallenge has been so much fun! I know Bailey asked for help choosing prompts this year, so thank you if you were one of the brilliant birdies who whispered a prompt in her ear.


Blogtember Day 11: Favorite Instagrammers

I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It's easily my favorite social media platform. It's like a mini, über-visual blog of sorts, and is so full of raw beauty. I've met some really cool people through Instagram (yes, I've even met some of them in person!), have made a lot of great internet-friends (whom I need to meet someday...), and have become a part of some really supportive, creative communities. 

Rounding up favorites was hard to do! If I follow someone, I love their account for some reason, so it's hard to choose one over another. But I did it for the sake of the challenge, so here are my...

Top Ten Grammers

For aesthetic/styling/general #hearteyes:


For creative inspiration (hand lettering/bible journaling/design):


For photography/style:


As I've said, there are so many more Instagrams I love seeing every time I check in -- this was maybe the most difficult prompt for me, yet!

Who are some of your favorite Grammers? Tell me, tell me, so I can follow them, too!

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Three Books // Read, Reading, To-Read - Vol. 1

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