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Blogtember Day 4 // Currently

Four days, and I'm gaining momentum. I'm feeling good about this, my friends! Have you joined the #blogtemberchallenge yet?

So far I've really been loving the prompts. Mostly because they can be answered in some sort of list form, and as I've mentioned almost every hour of every day of my life, I LOVE LISTS. 

Blogtember Day 4: Currently

Currently I'm...

Anticipating my shop launch! It's been a long time in the making and waiting and... yeah I am just really, really excited to finally get things moving along! In fact I'm so excited that I'll give you a sneak peek of two instant downloads that'll be available. I'd love to know what you think!

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 4: Currently
#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 4: Currently

Celebrating Back-To-School Season! I love and adore my kids with all of my heart and with all that I am. But you guys, THEY ARE SAVAGES AND NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL NOW SO I CAN GET SOME THINGS DONE IN MY LIFE. I know -- I'm gonna miss them. Luckily for me, schools in Austria get out at 12 or 1pm, so I get them back at lunchtime!

Making some pretty things for said shop ⤴︎ and some fun freebies for subscribers! Oh and subscribers will also get discount codes, so, you know... (click here to sign up -- you know you wanna!)

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 4: Currently

Reading Cloud Atlas and loving it so much oh my goodness. It's not a quick read, especially when you've got kiddos running circles around you all day long, but it's definitely worth carving time out for! I recommend it, for sure!

Wearing jeans, which means the summer weather is on its way out! BYEEEEEE!

What have you been up to? 


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