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Blogtember Day 15 // Our Craziest Adventure

WE DID IT! We're halfway through the #blogtemberchallengeConsidering the season I'm in personally and professionally, plus the fact that September is back-to-school month and I've now got two kids doing that whole thing, having made it through these 15 days is quite the accomplishment for me. I've missed only three prompts, and it was by design, so I'm okay with that and you don't really have a choice in the matter. #sorrynotsorry

#blogtemberchallenge with THE LIFE IN BETWEEN // Day 15: Our Craziest Adventure

If you want to have some real fun, why don't you catch up on my previous #blogtemberchallenge posts from this month? And yes, I'll accept virtual toasts, cheers, and pats on the back for making it this far, thank you very much. 

Before we jump into today's prompt, some of you may know that four years ago, my husband and I (with our then-3yo son) quit our jobs, sold almost everything we owned (except for books and other sentimental things), and moved across the world to Vienna, Austria to work as missionaries on financial support from family and friends. My husband teaches math (and leads some school groups and ministries) at an international school, and for the first two years we were here, I volunteered at the same school. We've since had another little human join our family, and I've switched gears to working from home as a full time mama/artist/blogger. My husband and I also lead worship together twice a month at a bi-lingual, international church.

All of it's been quite a wild adventure, but it makes sense to us, so even though it does seem crazy to some, it is our "normal," and we love it. 

I think our craziest adventure lies in the past...


Blogtember Day 15: Our Craziest Adventure

I feel like you'll want me to begin my story with something like, "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit," but there aren't any dwarves, elves, or dragons in this adventure, so I'm sorry for that outright. 

This adventure is about two young and in love, starry-eyed college kids, and their escape from society and cultural expectations as they knew them. 

I'm going to try to make this long story a short one.

I met my (now) husband in September 2002. That's 14 years ago (!!!), so I'll accept toasts, cheers, and pats on the back for that, too. We met at Washington State University -- I was a freshman, he was a sophomore.

I didn't want to go to WSU, actually, but my then-boyfriend was already a sophomore there, and he and some of my friends convinced my easily-swayed mind that there was nothing for me anywhere else, so I ended up going to WSU, anyway. There were some freedoms I found at university that I hadn't experienced before, and with this newfound freedom after having moved a whole six hours away from my small town, came newfound courage. I broke things off with that boyfriend (it had been long overdue), and was ready to start over.

Enter Sean. He's my husband now (hehehe!). He's of the tall, dark, and handsome variety, and is musical to boot. We hit it off instantly, skipped most of our classes to spend every second together that we possibly could, and then decided together that we'd be better off ditching school entirely, to become a famous pair of singer/songwriters. (You'll remember my story of being confused about what to do with my life, in terms of a professional career and what to major in, so leaving school altogether to pursue a music career seemed like a logical solution!)

So we dropped out of WSU together and ended up moving to Nashville, of all places. Now, before you start assuming things, know this: we were not into country music and neither of us identified ourselves as Christians then, so Nashville was not the obvious city for these two wannabe musicians. It was the most convenient city. Sean had relatives living near Nashville, so we knew we'd have a place to stay for the first month or two until we found jobs and an apartment of our own. (I know Nashville has emerged as a popular city for indie rock/folk musicians, but it was not yet that when we were there.)

Once we got settled with part-time jobs and were making enough to live paycheck-to-paycheck, we spent most of our time writing and recording songs at home, on a dinky program on our planet-sized PC. We performed at open mic nights when we could, and even put together a demo (of laughable quality), and mailed it to major labels. One label even responded saying that our style didn't fit theirs or something like that. But you guys, they took the time to respond, and that is HILARIOUS to me now, looking back. 


I starting taking work more seriously (because even though I had no direction in life, I still had a strong work ethic), and we both grew comfortable with just working and "living life" without striving for fame and fortune anymore. We still wanted it, but we didn't try very hard, so I'm not sure how badly we wanted it, after all!

We made two more demos. The next two demos were of professional quality, but we didn't have a lot of money... so yes, "professional," but also AFFORDABLE, if you can understand what I'm getting at. They were nice. We were young. Our style was unidentified. We just loved making music. We sent the demos to NO ONE of professional importance that I can recall -- just to friends and family. So, what was the point? I don't know. We just wanted to be together and be happy. 

We lived carefree, selfish lives.

Then Traumatic Experience No.1 occurred in 2004, and Traumatic Experience No.2 occurred just a year later. Our carefree and selfish times needed to come to an end, and we wanted to be around family. Plus, we were starting to talk about marriage and kids and we thought then that we'd love to raise our future family in the Pacific Northwest, where we both grew up. So we moved back to Washington. (STATE. WASHINGTON STATE.)

The End

Wait, though.

I want to make something clear: Nashville was the crazy adventure, but what happened after Nashville is the best adventure. It involves meeting Jesus, getting married, having babies, learning about worship music, living for God's Kingdom rather than our own, and finding more joy in living selflessly than we ever had while living selfishly. But maybe I'll save the details of that adventure for another post. 

How about you? What's the craziest -- or best -- adventure you've been on?


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