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Blessings or Lessons // Devotional Kit Review

Blessings or Lessons // Devotional Kit Review

You guys, as soon as the Blessings or Lessons devotional kit arrived at my door from DaySpring, I tore open the box, oohed and aahed at all of the beautiful supplies inside, and dug into the devo booklet. The timing was perfect, after all, as it was nap time for the baby, so of course I was going to take advantage of that!

DaySpring was kind enough to accept me onto their launch team in order for me to help spread the word about the kit, so I'm going to use this post to share with you a few of my favorite things.


Included in the Kit:

devotional booklet // 4x6 clear stamp set // ink pad (black) // stickers // washi tape // 3 devotional cards // 1 thank you card // polka-dot bag

First of all, look at those colors and those beautiful florals! To be honest, before joining the creative team for Illustrated Faith, I wasn't a huge fan of florals, but over the past several months they have grown on me in a BIG WAY, and now I can't get enough! These in the Blessings or Lessons kit are some of the cutest I've seen, and the fact that I can reuse the floral design over and over again, thanks to the stamp set, I am in heaven right now.

Besides the perfect color palette and the cutest floral design you've ever seen though, take a look at the fun cut-outs that are (so cleverly) included on the stamp-backer (the cardstock paper included in the stamp set's packaging). The cut-outs make perfect ad-ons, and I personally can't wait to use them to add pops of color to some of my more black-and-white themed pages!

Once you get past the eye-candy that is the amazing set of supplies included in the kit, prepare your heart for the devotional written by Stephanie Smokovich. The devotional has 14 days worth of brilliance inside, but if you're like me, you'll read two entries a day because you just can't get enough

I have learned so much about myself throughout this past week of studying the Blessings or Lessons devo. Without giving away too much of the book, I'll just briefly share with you a bit of what inspired this bible journaling page. Each day provides a prompt of a specific group of people to think about, reflect on, and pray for. On day 13, the group of people Stephanie focuses on is Business Colleagues.

As you may know, I'm working on launching a shop! I'm super excited about it, but now I'm really starting to get impatient. Along the way I've had to take some detours; I've hit major bumps in the road, some minor potholes, and I haven't yet discovered any shortcuts. I learned early on that I cannot do this on my own. That said, I've been reaching out for moral support, technical and design help and advice, and prayer (lots of prayer). 

The verses and reflection questions that accompanied day 13's reading were so convicting, and I cried. I cried because just moments before reading, I had been thinking about and talking to God about business colleagues, so to speak, and then when Stephanie asked a particular question in the book it was like she had been IN MY HEAD those moments before. 

And then this page happened.

So my friends, my advice to you is this (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will say it): RUN, DO NOT WALK, and snatch up the Blessings or Lessons kit for yourself (and for a friend or two or three -- this would make a great, light, small group devo, in my opinion!). 

And drop a comment below if you have any questions -- I'd LOVE to help you out in any way that I can!

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