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Today Is A New Day | Guest Post

Today Is A New Day | Guest Post


New Day New Adventures With each new day there are new adventures. These are words I like to live by.

It is easy to go through your day and miss all of the little things that happened. One of my sisters, my younger sister, likes to say, “stop, and do a little praise dance!” Life is short, and there is something in every day to be thankful for. There is something in every day to stop and do a little praise dance for. Maybe there were a few seemingly small things to be thankful for.

The sun rose this morning. It rises every morning, and some days you may even get the chance to watch it rise. For those days when you roll out of bed late, and are finding every way to cut time so you aren’t late for work, or whatever may await you that day, remember, the sun rose today, and it rose without you having to do anything.

Take a deep breath -- a really deep breath -- and realize, you rose this morning. You are here, and oh, how great it is to be alive! You are breathing, so there is still time today to change the world if you decide to do so.

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,     that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Psalm 90:14 (ESV)

Every morning, I have these words written in my line of sight: Yesterday is over, today is a new day.

Today is a new day, and with this new day are new adventures, a new start, and the choice to leave yesterday in the past.

New days bring new opportunities. Be willing to take them.

Now, this next one is not true for everyone, but if it is true for you, you should be dancing right now. You woke up and you got dressed -- you have clothes to wear. You head to your kitchen, finding food in your fridge. These things you can be grateful for: you have funds for the clothing you need, for your food, and for electricity to keep your food safe to eat.

These may be seemingly small things we have each day. We experience them each day, and for some, we do not take time to stop and consider what we're taking for granted. In just the first few moments of each day, there is a lot to be thankful for.

So as you start each new day throughout the week, stop for a moment and do a little praise dance. It may put a little smile on your face (as well as on anyone's face who may encounter your praise dance). If someone happens upon you while you do your little jig, share with him or her all of the seemingly small things you are thankful for today.

A Note from the Author:

I share my burst of creativity on Instagram and in my shop. I enjoy sharing how-tos when I remember to document steps on my blog and youtube videos (one has happened, the other not yet). I enjoy making things up in the kitchen, I share my creations on the blog. I tend to share behind the scene stuff on my facebook, and I like to chat with my readers and other bloggers through twitter. I enjoy life the living of it and I like to encourage others through quotes on my tumblr. If you want to follow my everyday living, feel free to join the adventure on Bloglovin. I hope to see you around.

Enjoy your day, name-feleciaefriann

Thank you, Felecia!

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