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Teething Ring | DIY | Guest Post

Teething Ring | DIY | Guest Post

diyteethingring Hello Everyone!  I’m Niamh, the girl behind Simply Earnest, where I share simple DIY projects, fun activities for my daughter, healthy recipes, and my little slice of life in New Zealand.

I am thrilled to be sharing this DIY baby teething ring tutorial with all of you today! This is a really simple project to make if you or someone you know has or is expecting a little one soon. Let's just say, if I didn't live on the other side of the world from Tawni, this is what I would have given her as a baby-shower gift!

When my daughter was first born, I quickly learned that babies love to suck and chew on things, that black and white are the best colours to introduce first to your little one, and that any sort of ribbon can fast become a toy. This teething ring has all of those things, so it is sure to become a must-have toy for your diaper bag!

DIY Teething Ring

What You'll Need:

  • Wooden/Hard Plastic Ring (bracelet, small embroidery hoop, curtain ring or these wooden teething rings)
  • Fabric (remember, black and white are the best to introduce first!)
  • Assorted Ribbon to Match
  • Pinking Shears
  • Hot Glue Gun



  1. Cut ribbon. I used 10 pieces approx 45 cm long. You’ll need to cut the ribbon twice the length that you actually want them to be as they will be folded over. Put aside.
  2. Using pinking shears to cut a thin piece of fabric (approx 1.5 x 1m). Finish both sides with the pinking shears to stop them from fraying.
  3. Starting where you want to finish, begin wrapping the ring with the fabric. Pull the fabric nice and tight as you work your way around the ring.
  4. To secure the fabric to the ring, fold a piece of ribbon in half. Thread the ribbon through the ring, folded end of ribbon first, over the fabric end. Pull the end of the ribbon that is not folded through the folded end. This will make a loose knot and will secure the wrapping to the ring.
  5. (Optional) If you are making this teething ring for an older child as a toy and not something to go in their mouth, you may use a little dab of hot glue to secure the wrapping.
  6. Continue folding and knotting the ribbon onto the ring until you have used up all the ribbon.
  7. Pull tight on the ends to make sure they are secure, and trim the ends of the ribbon with the pinking shears to stop them from fraying.
  8. All finished!

Tip: Each time you add a ribbon, make sure you begin the knot on the same side as the other knots so that you achieve consistency.


These DIY teething rings would make a great Christmas present for anyone with a baby or even a toddler. My daughter is sixteen months old and she loved playing with the ribbons on the ring while I was making it. I may have to make her one for her Christmas stocking!

Thank you so much, Niamh, for this fun DIY! Please visit Niamh at Simply Earnest to catch up with her and to find more amazing (and beautiful!) DIY projects.

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