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Short and | Sweet Saturdays | 9 Nov, 2014

Short and | Sweet Saturdays | 9 Nov, 2014

We're running short on time in these parts. Life with an almost-6-year old and a 3-week old, and a husband who is so devoted to his teaching and extra-curricular ministries makes for a very busy mama. Hey, you people who think that stay-at-home moms just lounge around and nap all day long, you're dumb.

So I'll get right to it.

  • I was able to leave the house sans-infant yesterday! The Big Brother and I went grocery shopping while my husband stayed home with the baby. Even if it was only for a short time, it was nice to get out and run errands without having to pause to feed or to change a diaper.
  • When we got home from grocery shopping, my husband was serenading the baby. It was so sweet!
  • I LOVE FALL. The leaves are quickly changing and falling, and after picking up Big Bro from school the other day he got to run through his first pile of leaves this season!


  • I'm taking a break from leading worship until the baby is a bit older. It's been three weeks since I've led, and today was my second week being at church without leading. My husband led for the first time in two weeks, and the team sounded incredible. The worship was so anointed this morning! Maybe I'll never lead again! (Not likely. I love it too much and the calling is too clear.)


  • We have a 3-week old. Love is in the air. I mean, every Sweet Saturday post from this moment on could just be this: "We have two beautiful boys. Our lives are full of Sweet Moments, every day." (Of course the reality is that a lot of moments aren't so sweet though, which is why I've started this series in the first place, so... I'll be more specific.) We have a happy, healthy 3-week old, and a loving, doting almost-6-year old who loves to "help" take care of his little brother.

And here are some words I've been inspired and encouraged by this week. Maybe you'll be encouraged by them, too!

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