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Preparing for a New Life | Sweet Saturdays | 24 Oct, 2014

Preparing for a New Life | Sweet Saturdays | 24 Oct, 2014

As I write this, I find myself distracted by how beautiful the sky is. The last couple of days have been absolutely beautiful in Vienna, and the fall leaves and gorgeous skies make for one very happy me. sq_theskies

This post has been scheduled to be published on Friday, 24 Oct, when in reality it's now only 18 Oct. I'm due in the hospital for minor surgery on Tuesday, 21 Oct, and will have to stay for about 5-6 days, the doctors say. And when I say 'minor surgery', I mean a c-section. The first one was an emergency, so going into it this time has been surreal -- everyone is so calm, like it's just another surgery -- just the same old procedure that has been performed so many times before, on countless other women, myself included. To me, not so much. Sure, there have been some up-sides to knowing and planning ahead of time, but, my God, a human being is going to be cut out of my stomach -- this is no small thing. And God willing, by the time this post is published, our little baby boy will be out and healthy, most probably being lovingly stared at by myself, my husband, and our 5yo son.

For now, I'll take you through some of my current thoughts and moments, in the spirit of the Sweet Saturdays challenge.

Right now the light is starting to fade outside, so I turn on the light over my head. Being able to flip a switch to light up an entire room: that is a Sweet Moment.

I look out the window and watch as a plane leaves a white trail behind it as it ascends, and I recall fun times with family, watching airplane shows and swearing that some day I'd learn to fly. Being able to see the beauty outside, and having precious memories to pull from: that is a Sweet Moment.

I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight, but I know for a fact that we will not go hungry. Although the supply is limited, our fridge and cupboards are stocked. Having financial supporters that enable us to stay here in Vienna, doing the work that God's called us to do, but above all having a God who provides: Sweet Moment.


I've been really busy this week -- my last week at home before the baby comes -- and my husband and son are out, giving me some hours of solitude and rest before the big day arrives. Having two "men" in my life that care for me and take care of me, and who are willing to do small favors that mean big things: Sweet Moment.

My baby boy moves inside me, reminding me he's there, anticipating his birthday, I think. He dances when I sing, he punches and kicks at the sound of his big brother's voice, and the touch of my husband's hand on my stomach stills the squirming. Having a body that can produce another living body, and having a God of miracles: there is no sweeter thing.


There are so many things to be thankful for, and the Sweet Saturdays challenge has pulled a gratefulness out of my heart that I'd only seen glimpses of before. I've always been one to try to savor the small things, and to try to enjoy the little details of life, but it was usually easier said than done, and the better moments were, more often than not, thought of after the fact.

If I'd been having a really bad day, but was able to find time to read a beautiful chapter in my book, I got a big hug from my son, and I snuggled with my husband on the couch in the evening, I might have taken those things for granted until maybe even days later when I'd look back and think, Hey, maybe that day wasn't so bad, after all. But by then it was too late. That day had passed me by, and I hadn't enjoyed the sweet moments that it brought, even if they were few.

This is why I am trying to be intentional about reflecting on every day, every day.

I urge you to do the same, because I am convinced that I'm not the only one who could use a reminder at the end of each day of just how blessed I really am.

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