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Not long ago I was invited into an amazing blogging community, so aptly called #fireworkpeople. The description of our Facebook Group is this:

We are a community for creatives, dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to change the world. We are knee-deep in encouragement and high-fives. We are unstoppable.


Since joining this community, I have been so encouraged and so challenged to really live out my faith through my writing. I thought it was something I was doing before -- I mean, it has been something I've been doing -- but the encouraging words and the proverbial hugs and high fives have stoked the fire in my heart, and I'm now, even more than ever, ready to change the world.

If you think I sound pretentious, see this post, please, and check your negativity at the door. 

I've always been a big dreamer. In fact, so much so, that still to this day I can't decide what I want to be "when I grow up". I dropped out of college because I couldn't commit to one thing I wanted to do with the rest of my life. (Well, that, and because I met my husband there and we ran away together. For real. But that's another story for another time.) I couldn't commit to a future profession -- not because I was afraid I'd be unhappy or would get bored, but because there are so many things that I really enjoy, and to be honest I think I could have succeeded in any one of my prospective careers.

The dreams I had have, while each of them is unique, have one central theme: I M P A C T. I've always wanted to impact the world through whatever it is I'm doing. I wasn't made to sit idly by. And neither were you.

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I think it wasn't until I went on my first missions-trip, to Africa, that I finally had an idea of what God was calling me into. I really was meant for world-impact. My dreams weren't childish. My dreams were attainable. I had been so affected by my short time in Africa, and when I returned, I couldn't stop talking about it. My passion started to rub off onto my husband, and, long story short, after a lot of prayer, we ended up as full-time missionaries in Europe.

So, we're here, and what we do at our school is fantastic and will impact the world, whether we get to witness it or not. But besides the list of things that we do outwardly, there is also much more going on internally. Our hearts are still on fire. We're where we're meant to be, and there is still more to be done. Just because we're walking in our calling, it doesn't mean that suddenly we'll be "satisfied" with what we've "accomplished" or "experienced".

Our individual callings go far beyond accomplishments and experiences. 

When you're craving a cheeseburger, and you get your cheeseburger, does that mean you'll never be hungry again? When you're thirsty, and you take a sip of water, does that mean you'll never need to drink again? (Do you see where I'm going with this?) When your calling is made clear to you, and you begin to obey God by fulfilling your calling, does that mean that once you've done a thing or been to a place, you'll never need to listen to God's voice again, because you've "done enough" or "seen enough"? The answer, of course, is a resounding NO. When you have completely fulfilled your current calling, God will call you into something new.

I am a wife, a mom, a volunteer at an international school in Austria's capital city. I am a worship leader at an international church. I am a mentor, I am a friend. I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt. I am many things. Above all though, I am God's. My life is for Him. And through my writing here, I want to encourage each reader to listen to what God is telling you. He is speaking to you. Tune the ears of your heart to hear. Your purpose is much greater than you've ever imagined. And you can impact the world. 

image by Ashley Beaudy

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