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White As Snow | GLOW: Live as Light FEATURE

White As Snow | GLOW: Live as Light FEATURE


I am so honored to be today's guest writer at GLOW: Live as Light! The girls at GLOW are going to encourage and inspire so many women out there, and I am blessed beyond words that I get to play a small part in it.

Here's a bit of my featured post. Visit White As Snow | GLOW: Live as Light to continue reading!

What do you do when you catch yourself in sin? Whether you find yourself coveting, lusting, being envious, prideful, or greedy – whatever it may be – how do you respond internally, toward yourself, and how do you respond toward God, when you’re convicted?

Are you defiant? Do you try to deny your sin – therefore lying to yourself and to God? Do you make up excuses, trying to explain it all away? Do you compare your sin to someone else’s “worse sin”?

Or are you like Isaiah, completely ashamed, aware of your unworthiness, and entirely humbled before the greatness of your God? Or, perhaps you’re more like David, immediately acknowledging and confessing your sin to the Lord, wholly trusting in His grace.


Sweet Saturdays | 10 Oct, 2014

Sweet Saturdays | 10 Oct, 2014

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