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Twirly Girly | GLOW: Live as Light

Twirly girly | GLOW: Live as Light

He might have said, “Who told you you weren’t enough? Who told you that the way I made you, the person I created you to be was shameful? Who convinced you to step off course and turn away from who you are? Who told you that you needed to be like someone else?”

Whoever it was robbed the world of its hope, its joy, its redemption, its beauty.

You, descendants of Eve, are still beautiful. You can return to the raw, naked, untouched version of yourself. The one that’s gloriously you, the one that’s trying to twirl but is stuck by the chains of doubt. The one that’s redeemed. Saved. Captivated by grace and the very image of God to this world. You can be her. You need to be her. The hope of the world depends on the daughters of the King to be revealed! Not for our sake but for the glory of the most glorious one!

You can be the girl, the woman that God created you to be without the validation of others. You can be her without the makeup, the cute clothes, the achievements, the titles. He loved you without it all. He was proud of you without the trappings and decorations of this world. He loved you when it was just you.

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White As Snow | GLOW: Live as Light FEATURE

White As Snow | GLOW: Live as Light FEATURE

Introducing "Sweet Saturdays"

Introducing "Sweet Saturdays"