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Sweet Moments, Take 5 [Self Challenge]

Sweet Moments, Take 5 [Self Challenge]


It's Day 5 of the challenge I set for myself* to take time at the end of each day to make a list of "sweet moments", and can I just tell you how much more grateful I've been this week? Being intentional about making a real list of each day's sweet moments really put my heart to the test. It forced me to look past the muck of each day (and of course each day's got its fill of muck), and to be thankful for the moments that made me smile, made me laugh, or generally filled me with more joy.

Here's today's list:

  • I had three successful appointments today with three different doctors, and we have a date scheduled for the c-section that's necessary for Baby Boy #2 to arrive safely in this world. October 21, folks!
  • My husband has only been able to accompany me on one other doctor appointment during this pregnancy, so having him there today made it extra special, and I really, really, really needed the extra moral support today.
  • We are one step closer to nursery completion: we have a diaper genie! It's actually a knock-off, and only costed us €10, so, even better!
  • I had ice cream today. Twice.
  • I had time to shave my legs this morning. My belly makes it more difficult, but with enough time, anything is possible.
  • Quiet time was so special today -- my son snuggled up with me, watching Timmy Time on the iPad, and I just sat and rested my eyes, and smelled his hair, and rubbed his sweet little cheeks. (They're still so baby-soft!)
  • It's Friday.

I'm going to continue the Sweet Moments challenge. I won't be posting my lists every day anymore, because, how annoying, but I will definitely keep writing lists at the end of each day. I'm telling you, it has really worked for me and has made me happier and more thankful.

Also, know this: Probably everyone has "one of those days" each week, and for me this week, it was Wednesday. Wednesday was ugly. But this Sweet Moments challenge forced me to look past all of the lows, and on that worst day, my list of sweet moments was far longer than my lists were for the rest of the week.

I encourage you to join in on the challenge! It doesn't mean you have to write blog posts about it all of the time (unless you want to!), but if you journal, like myself, just dedicate a page or two or ten or twenty for Sweet Moments lists. If you don't journal, maybe leave a notepad on your bedside table so you can make your list at night before you fall asleep! However you keep your list, I guarantee you'll find yourself ending each day with a much better outlook about tomorrow.


*The challenge was inspired by this post from the girls at Coast to Coast Central

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