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Sweet Moments, Take 4 [Self Challenge]

I have officially run out of room on my Sweet Moments journaling page. This is both good news and bad, because I don't want to start a fresh page for just one more day, which is why I'm considering starting a series called Sweet Saturdays, which means, probably obviously, I'd post about each week's sweet moments every Saturday. Easier to maintain, easier to uphold, not so many updates from me (you're welcome), etc. I'd love it if you'd join me, too. It's been a great way to stay convicted in my outlook and attitude toward My Everyday.

Until then, though...

Today's Sweet Moments:

  • I am participating in the Coastal Activist Program with Coast To Coast Central, and we had a virtual meeting this morning. Because of the time difference, it was 4:30am for me. It was fun though, and I learned what I needed to learn, and I'm ready to start campaigning to build a rescue home for victims of sex-trafficking in Ecuador, and to help build a farm to sustain an orphanage in Cambodia! My heart is really into this, so hearing other women speak about our shared passions was enough to keep me awake and excited!

  • Our son woke up early this morning and when he saw that I was awake (I couldn't fall back asleep after the meeting), he came in and very concernedly told me that I "should be in bed". He crinkled his nose and raised his eyebrows and his hair was sticking up from sleep, and he was so handsome. I asked him if he knew how handsome he was, and he said "yes", and then proceeded to explain to me how God gave him his face -- it's his face, and it'll always be his face, and my face is my face, Daddy's face is Daddy's face, and soon we'll learn what the baby's face will look like, because God is giving the baby his very own face, too. This was before 6am.
  • The leaves are turning red on the vines on the brick wall down the street. I'll definitely be taking a lot of pictures of that wall this fall. It's my favorite.
  • We were given a monetary gift from friends family in the States with instructions to buy something special for the baby and something special for our 5 year old. And since today was opening day for the first Gap store -- ever -- in Vienna, I went and got a couple of Baby Gap items for the little guy. I can't wait to see him in these get-ups!


  • I got to meet a beautiful week-old baby today, and spent some time visiting with his precious mommy while he slept.
  • I packed my overnight bag for the hospital, and the diaper bag!


  • I finally went and used some gift cards to "fill" the baby's closet. He was in serious need of onesies and other basics, and now that we've got a sufficient amount of the basics up through six months, I'm feeling more at peace about the high possibility of his early arrival (maybe as early as next week!). Plus I was able to spend some time organizing in the nursery, and that made my heart soar.
  • And as always, my devotional had some pretty sweet moments of conviction, too. (I highly recommend the Greater Devotional to all. A review will be up when I'm through reading.)


What were some of today's sweet moments for you? Big or small -- appreciate them all! (So poetic.)

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