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Everyone Should Know

Everyone Should Know

I was going to take a nap. Then I found myself "needing" to catch up on some blog posts I'd missed last week, and after I felt thoroughly "plugged in" and inspired and uplifted and... well... I got all geared up and excited to read my devotion, to study Matthew, to paint with some worship music, to give myself a manicure, to plan ahead for the rest of my week's outfits, to improve our storage situation with some DIY handiwork, to be a better wife to my husband, and to be a better mom to our little Kindergartener.

So far, I've accomplished one of those things:

Do yourselves a favor and read Thryve Magazine, ladies.

I was going to take a nap.

Then I came across this:


This has been "my song" since it first came out in '09. It just SPEAKS-SO-CLEARLY-DIRECTLY-TO-MY-HEART. "Everyone To Know" was one of the kicks in the butt God gave me too, when my husband and I were praying over whether or not to make the move to Vienna. The song also had a hand in (along with "Follow You" by Leeland) inspiring a short-term mission trip I went on with my sister, to Africa. Today was the first time I'd seen the above version of "Everyone To Know" -- this version is so raw. And I love it. I absolutely love Bethany Dillon's voice, but just listen to these lyrics:

To all the brokenhearted The crippled and the weak We are all invited to taste and see

To all of those who are searching Come find what you seek It is the truth that we all Truth that we all need

I want to tell the world about Your love

Yeah, I want everyone to know Everyone to know I want to tell the world about Your love

This is the essence of the Great Commission, people! He -- God -- God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), God the Holy Spirit -- He is The Truth that absolutely everyone needs. He is The Truth that absolutely everyone is longing for, whether they recognize it or not. Even those of us who know Him need Him more and more every day! We are completely lost, otherwise. And those of us who know Him have been commissioned -- we have been given the authority - we have been given a great responsibility -- to tell the world.

It's not only that we've been commissioned to tell the world, though. Like in the song, we should be so overcome with joy, with relief, with gratitude for what our Savior's done for us, that it takes everything within us to not tell the world! Keeping news this wonderful as a secret to yourself... that'd be a shame.

I don't always feel like shouting it from the rooftops, though. That's not exactly my style. God just didn't wire me that way. Leading worship is about as "loud" as I get... I prefer to meet over coffee, and to speak with people one-on-one, or in very small groups. Or I write about it, and then throw my heart out there via blog, or Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter. But sometimes "going public" isn't even necessary. Sometimes the love is so loud it speaks for itself. Through words, through actions, even through a simple smile.

What are you doing to tell the world about His love?

(I have yet to take that nap.)

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