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Today's Sweet Moments [Self Challenge]

Today's Sweet Moments [Self Challenge]


This morning I woke up way too early considering what time I finally went to bed last night. I'm going to need to work on that. For as tired as I was though, I stuck the morning out, studied some German, and read my devotional. Then, in the afternoon, I was able to take a proper 3rd-trimester-nap before picking my boy up from school, so that's gotta be at the top of today's list of sweet moments.

Today's devotional included some pretty sweet conviction.

Here are a few more beautiful things about today:

  • I was able to take an uninterrupted shower.
  • I found some very deliciously-scented candles while running errands, and of course had to adopt them as my own.

I'm going to forgive Glade for putting snowflakes on this candle even though it's only just fall, because this candle, my friends, is MACARON-SCENTED.

  • My son called me "sweetie" when he wanted me to throw away his apple core for him.
  • Spring rolls are for dinner tonight.
  • I had time to straighten my hair today!
  • My son built a nest out of pillows and quietly sat reading a pile of books about dinosaurs after school.


  • I was able to participate in the #coasttocoastchallenge today -- colored eyeliner's not so difficult to pull off, especially since I wear it everyday anyway (dark purple).

It's purple, I swear!

  • A sweet friend gave me a new scarf (and the best hummus I've ever tasted) as a thank-you for a favor.
  • I ate a Zotz.

What sweet moments are you thankful for today?


Everyone Should Know

Everyone Should Know

Sweet Moments [Self Challenge]

Sweet Moments [Self Challenge]