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It Is Time To Seek The Lord [Reading Truth: Hosea: Day 12]

It Is Time To Seek The Lord [Reading Truth: Hosea: Day 12]


We love to hear the gospel. But there are some passages of Scripture that are really hard to read, because they don’t tell us pleasant things.

Understatement of the year. 

But "the truth is, we cannot really understand the Gospel without this very real and difficult realization of sin. The Gospel is not a “skip over the difficult stuff” message."


I began my day with the #showmemysinprayer.* I was waiting for some thunder to roll or lightning to strike, or for a proverbial lightbulb to turn on, or for a vision of seraphim. I laid there (because I did -- I prayed it as soon as I woke up), waiting for some knowledge to just drop on me. Nothing happened. 

But God did answer my prayer.

Throughout the day God showed me snippets, like still-shots from a movie, of my sin. There wasn't a sudden and grand revelation of how horrible I was. There wasn't a coal-meets-lips vision of any sort. But what God showed me was enough. (So can I stop now? Just kidding. Sort of.)

After having read Day 12 of the Hosea study, I find myself wondering why God led me to follow this particular study, which has led me to pray for my own sin to be shown to me -- something I never would have done were it not for the challenge and support of the She Reads Truth community. Is it the timing of my life? Is He trying to prepare me for something? Does He just think I'm finally ready to pursue more intimate knowledge of His grace in such a bold way? 

All I know is this: God gave us His Word, the Holy Bible, so it would affect us (okay, now that's the understatement of the year). And He gave the ladies at SRT these words because they would affect us. 

I've said it before, in past posts: He wants us to want Him. And the best way I can think of -- at this moment in time -- for me to want Him any more than I already do, is for me to realize how much more I need Him than I ever realized before. 

PhotoGrid_1410041473968It is time to seek the Lord.

And that's what I intend to do. 



*Thanks to a fellow She Reads Truth reader for this hashtag to provide a bit of comic relief! (Because I think hashtags are funny.)

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