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Currently [Blogtember Challenge: Day 6]

Today's Blogtember Challenge Prompt:

A "currently" post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, eating, reading, etc.


This'll be quick and easy, and fun! Because it's another LIST! Kind of. 

Currently, I am:

Reading The Princess Bride, which is so much fun! I've seen the movie countless times, and usually my general rule is to never see the movie before reading the book, but, to be honest, I didn't even know the movie was based on a book until I'd seen the movie probably ten times, then I just thought I'd not like the book because I already knew the whole story. But it is great! If you haven't read it yet, do!

Also reading The Fitting Room, which is very good. I'm currently using it to lead a (very) small Bible study group. The book focuses on Colossians 3:12, and has brought up some very interesting questions and discussions within the group. 

Watching 24 -- the old one, not the new one. I had seen the first season as it aired, but then stopped watching because I just thought it was silly that they'd continue to have the same guy experience such madness in the course of yet another day. Now? I love it. It's a bit cheesy, but we should all expect that from a drama/action TV series, plus it's a pretty old show by now. I'm currently in season 7. 

Waiting to watch Supernatural. When does the new season start?

Trying to make my Bible studies even more fun by washing my white journal pages with watercolours before I doodle away while taking notes. I'm no artist, but I'm having a ton of fun!

Also trying to finish getting ready for Liam to make his appearance next month! This time around the nursery is -- and all preparations are -- very slow-going. Mostly I'm excited about the stroller though. I mean, look at it. #allthehearteyes (Thanks again, Mom and Dad!)

Eating a lot of frozen grapes, apples dipped in peanut butter (my husband hates this!), and I've been craving Snickers bars lately. I'm drinking all of the iced tea and cranberry juice I can find in Vienna. Seriously, we go through a lot of iced tea and cranberry juice. It's kind of nuts. I'm in my 3rd trimester -- I'm 33 weeks! -- and I'm kind of just snacking on stuff all day. Sometimes the snacks are healthy, and sometimes they're not, but please. Don't start. ✌

Enjoying having my 5 year-old back in school. I miss him while he's gone, but must admit that I love having more time to take care of things around the house and running errands without distractions, plus I've got a ton of doctors' appointments going on because of the pregnancy, and he's obviously not going to go with me to those! I also enjoy my moments of quiet time before picking him up. This is his first year in Vorschule (Kindergarten in America).

IMG_20140901_074311Feeling convicted and challenged by the current study over at She Reads Truth. Powerful stuff, there. Get in on it.

Listening to U2 and Leeland. The usual.

Thinking I'd like to get some ice cream after church tomorrow. Oh, and I'm very excited to be leading worship again with my husband. Tomorrow, among other songs, we're leading Broken Vessels from Hillsong. LOVE.

Wishing I could get OTC eye drops here in Vienna. Dry and itchy eyes have plagued me for most of my adult life (mostly due to allergies), and I'm very annoyed by my eyeballs at the moment.

And on that note, goodnight!

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