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A dear, dear friend recently complimented me on my writing. And it was the best sort of compliment -- the kind that gives worth, not an ego-boost: "You bless the world through your writing... just thought you should know. Writing is definitely one of your gifts. You have a way of expression that just reaches into others' hearts." 

In my little world -- probably your world, too -- blogging is looked upon by some as self-indulgent (why would anyone else care about what you have to say?) and a bit of a waste of time (does anyone read what you're writing?).

Sometimes I wonder why I write so much, and I feel stupid because I think my words are unoriginal and boring -- even annoying. But then I remember what I write for:

I write for Myself -- because I can write coherently (I think), but I can't really express myself verbally, and I can't even hold a thought together sometimes, until I've written it down.

I write for God -- because I want to share with Him everything I'm learning and feeling as I go, and I sometimes can't even pray actual words.

I came across this blog post awhile back, which I think I'm going to need to read again and again. 

But I have learned that writing, just like so many other things we do in this world, is in the business of planting.

Planting seeds big or small that will one day bear fruit.

And God calls each one of us to plant seeds in the unique way that He designed us.

A pastor plants seeds every Sunday morning when he preaches about God.

A teacher plants seeds every day when she or he teaches children concepts, ideas, and truths that will help their mind grow.

A singer plants seeds of encouragement, hope, conviction, and joy with the creation of a new song.

I plant seeds through writing on here...

A pastor doesn’t stop preaching because no one showed up to the altar one Sunday.

A singer doesn’t stop singing because not enough people like their song.

A missionary doesn’t stop ministering to broken people because they don’t run to God on the first day.

A mother doesn’t stop teaching her children because they keep messing up.

A bird doesn’t stop singing because only one person is listening to her song.

A farmer doesn’t stop planting seeds because he don’t see plants growing the next day .

Neither should you.

And neither should I.


So, I'm going to keep on blogging, writing, journaling, whatever it may be, not because it's "cool" or because I need to please any one of my readers or followers, but because it's a part of my process. My friend said, "the best part is that it helps YOU. It's how you think. You are using your gift how God intended!"

Many thanks. 



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