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Pray Before You Start

The Scope of Prayer  Prayer is our direct conversation with the God of the universe. He is a personal God. So make it from your heart and do not approach it lightly. He really is listening. Prayer is how we get wisdom about certain things in our lives (James 1:5). Prayer is how backsliders are restored to fellowship (James 5:16-20). Prayer is how we find the strength to do things (Jude 1:20 & Matt. 26:41). We are told that prayer is how the sick are cured - even through doctors and hospitals (James 5:13-15). In fact, prayer is how we do things that seem impossible (Mark 11:23-24).

My son was watching Tale Spin (so much nostalgia happening), my husband was reading the Bible, and there I was, browsing Instagram and some blogs on my phone, when I realized just how far behind I'd gotten in my She Reads Truth study of the Sermon on the Mount. So sad, really, how life can get in the way of Life (because I let it).

The She Reads Truth study is a-mazing. And I love it. And up until the day we left for vacation, I was all over it, every day, so hungry and excited about learning more, diving in, and sharing what I'd learned. When we got back from vacation, my mind seemed to crash (am I allowed to blame pregnancy exhaustion?) and I ended up falling about a week behind on the study. No big deal, right? So I picked the study back up, was at it for a few days more, then... BAM! ... Nothing really happened. I just stopped. We went on another vacation and I brought the study journal with me, intending to journal on the train, then... BAM! ... Again, nothing happened. I just didn't follow through. Does anyone else have this problem? Or am I the only one (please tell me I'm not the only one)?

This is a lesson for me on commitment, and on prayer. I tend to be the sort of person who sometimes goes into things without praying about them, either because I think they're insignificant or because I think they're a sure bet. I am not talking about things like whether or not to quit my job and move across the world to live on donations from friends and family. I am not talking about things like whether or not to have Baby #2. I am not talking about praying before making life-altering decisions, because I'm usually very good at remembering to pray in these instances. What I am talking about is not praying before a meeting. Not praying before an appointment. Not praying before reading a devotion or reading the Bible. Among others, these are times when yes, I should pray, but I don't always. Neglecting to pray is not intentional, though. I'm not feeling the need to pray and denying the feeling or refusing to pray. That's not what it is... but that's part of the problem, isn't it? I'm not being intentional about prayer.

I need to pray before I start. Everything.

In an effort to remind myself as often as possible to be more intentional about prayer, I've created some bookmarks and mirror cards that simply say "PRAY BEFORE YOU START". I'm going to stick one in my SRT study journal to remember to pray before I start my study, one on my bathroom mirror to remember to pray before I start getting ready for the day, and maybe one on or near our door to remember to pray before I head out. I'm sure I'll find plenty of other places to stick these little guys, and my hope -- my prayer -- is that when I see them I'll actually see them, and will pray.

I'm continuing the study again tonight. Just need to say a quick prayer before I start. 


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Whatever it is, GOD IS FOR US

Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 9

Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 9